Dropbox needs no introduction as they’re one of the most widely used online storage systems on the market. You may not know this, but they’re also a great tool for teams to use which makes them a fundamental e-commerce resource. There are many benefits to utilizing Dropbox for running your business. Plus, let’s face it, a lot goes into running an e-commerce business, from initial strategy and web shop design, all the way to conversation rate and marketing campaigns. You likely have a lot going on so why not make it easy on yourself? 

We’ll show you exactly how you can use Dropbox to speed up productivity for your business, including:

  • Storing and organizing files 
  • Sharing files with anyone from anywhere in the world
  • Easy collaboration
  • Keeping your momentum going
  • Ensuring the safety of your business  

Dropbox Business – What is it? 

Dropbox is more than just an affordable option – it’s the solution to instantly solve many security issues and gives the ability to constantly collaborate.  The business edition of Dropbox inherited the simplicity and functionality of its individual-usage forerunner. Dropbox Business simplifies your work and gives you one central place to access and share files. Whether you go with the business or traditional option, Dropbox can fill all of your e-commerce needs. 

Stay organized with ample storage

With Dropbox, you have plenty of space to store your files in the cloud. You can even have access to file recovery should you accidentally delete a file or decide you still need one you got rid of months ago. The cloud is the ultimate backup plan for file storage. When you upload a file to the cloud, it creates a copy of it and stores it separately. The best part? The ability to increase your quota. Using cloud storage will never become obsolete. 

Share more quickly 

Speed is especially important when running an e-commerce business. Gone are the days of emailing projects back and forth after each edit. The possibility of creating folders and uniting users in special groups allowed to access certain folders is now at your fingertips.  All of your operations can run quickly and smoothly amongst team members.

Constant collaboration

Can you imagine trying to collaborate with remote employees from different countries without some sort of system in place? Having your files online allows for an easy transfer and gives you the ability to download files in a matter of minutes.  Share everything with your team from meeting agendas to project outlines. Easily add images, videos and even codes to team projects. Being able to work together from any location elevates momentum and keeps the business growing at a faster pace. Spend less time dealing with management and more time working together. 

Plug into existing workflows

Dropbox is so well integrated that it works smoothly with a variety of existing systems, which is why more than 150,000 organizations choose to use this product. Modern apps aid in collaboration, however each time a new tool is adopted, your team’s workflow can easily fall apart. Dropbox brings together all of your content, devices, and apps in one place to help keep everything safe and central. Build a customizable workflow tailored to your business’s specific needs. 

Security features

There’s no doubt that Dropbox features sophisticated security options. All of your files are protected with password links to make sure that the person accessing or editing them is entitled to do so. If you wish to protect your data even more, which would be a good idea for e-commerce, the system provides an extra layer allowing you to set an expiring link which makes access to files only temporary. 

The remote feature also makes it possible to protect files even when your device is stolen. With the remote wipe, you can delete files or folders to prevent them from appearing on that particular device. Make yourself and trusty team members admin to be in full control of the membership, set the permissions, inspect connected devices, and audit the sharing activities. 

If you’re an online entrepreneur and Dropbox isn’t a part of your workflow, then you’re missing out. Take advantage of their features and services to keep your mind at ease. In your e-commerce business, user satisfaction is key all around. Make your team happy first so customer happiness comes authentically and ultimately provides a better experience for them that ensures they remain customers. 

This is a sponsored post for Dropbox. All opinions are the authors own. Dropbox is not affiliated with nor endorses any other products or services mentioned.

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