Whether you are selling products or services, having a recognisable brand can be a huge advantage over your competitors. Here we take a look at six great ways you can improve your brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

Sync up your online and offline efforts

Many businesses that have both an online and offline presence make the mistake of failing to brand these the same way. For example, the website and social media profiles will utilise different fonts and colours from the physical store. This is a real mistake and only serves to confuse customers and weaken overall awareness of your brand.

Make sure that all of your brand syncs up – use an identical colour palette, as well as exact messages and fonts so that any can see it is you, whether they are finding you on the high street or search for you on Google. 

Personalised workwear for staff

Your staff can be a very valuable asset in terms of branding. If you have public-facing staff then it is a great idea to provide them with workwear. This serves the purpose not only of making your staff easily identifiable with your business but also builds brand awareness overall and makes your company easily recognisable.

It is now possible to have uniforms personalised to your exact specifications, matching your brand colours and also offering designs screen printed, embroidered, or on transfers. So whether you are attending a conference with members of your team, or you just want the staff to have identifiable clothes to wear at work, this can be an easy win for branding. 

Brand Awareness

High-quality, unique packaging

If you sell any kind of products then you must get your branding on your product packaging. Your products should be extremely easy to spot as coming from your business so that repeat customers can pick them up without a second thought. 

And don’t forget that unique, customised packaging that is high quality can be a selling point on its own – potential customers might pick up purely on the basis on the packaging, so this is something that it is vital to get right.

Work with influencers

Of course, presenting a unified and identifiable message is important – but you also need to ensure that you are being viewed by a large number of people. This is where it can be a great idea to work with influencers in your industry. Influencer marketing can be an extremely effective way to raise brand awareness and get your products and services in front of the right people.

Make sure that any time you work with influencers you have a clear policy about how they present your business – for example, with recognisable colours and fonts. Whether they are a brand ambassador for you, or they are simply reviewing your product, they can open your business up to a huge range of new customers. 

Brand Awareness

Step it up on social

It is all too often the case that businesses will have social media profiles that are simply confusing for visitors. All of your social media platforms should be easily identifiable as being associated with your business so that if someone searches for you on Twitter after seeing your content on Instagram, they should be able to establish who you are immediately.

Make sure that you audit your social media profiles regularly to ensure that they are presenting the same messages and are using the same logos. 

Give away freebies

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it is getting something for free. So, use that to your advantage and start giving away freebies that show off your brand. This gives anyone who gets one a positive feeling about your business and puts you in their mind. When they come to need your product or service, you will be the first company that they think of. Think about how many effective marketing Sports Direct where able to achieve with their giant branded mugs, which were simple giveaway items that pop up in offices across the country.

Print on Demand

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