Every time that you post an Instagram Story, you are piquing your followers’ interest in a fun, authentic and engaging level. It is something that more businesses should be taking advantage of.

If you are new to using Stories on Instagram, the premise is simple. It’s just like publishing a picture or video the regular way with the only difference that it will only last for 24 hours. This creates a sense of urgency which This which usually keeps readers coming back for more in the hope of fresh content. With the need to post regularly, however, it can get a little tricky to come up with new content.

That’s where the infographic designed by 99firms comes in, showcasing examples from a large range of popular businesses, from Lego to ASOS.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Stories to promote your brand.

Daily Activities

A common theme is using Stories to show viewers a unique insight of your day to day activities — a sort of behind the scenes if you will. This not only promotes the brand but also helps followers feel as though they can get to know you a little better. Another benefit is that there is very little planning needed since quick and spontaneous work just as well.

A Teaser

As the videos displayed in Stories are short, they are best used as teasers. This can build interest in a new product launch or service. If you want, you may also include a URL that will lead those interested to a landing page with more information.

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Show Your Products

Instagram Stories can be used to promote specific products as they provide a way to show followers exactly what they can do. You could make a post which includes ideas of what users can do with the product, and what they are missing out on if they don’t buy it. For example, makeup brands often record short tutorials and food companies recipes.

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Some companies are using Stories to highlight company events and milestones. This can be achieved through staff or customer interviews, flashbacks and highlights. Treating these like special occasions will humanise your brand and make customers excited about what it is that you do.

These are just a few of the many ways that Instagram Stories can be utilised by a business, check out what other companies are already doing in the infographic below!

instagram stories infographic

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