With over 1.3 million events being organised by UK event companies in 2016, it is evident that corporate events are an integral part of many businesses. When executed effectively, events can help businesses attract new clients, increase sales, achieve company objectives and boost team morale. However, a successful event can take months of hard work, preparation, dedication and organisation. Leaving many businesses with the difficult dilemma as to whether to outsource to an events agency, or take on the hard work themselves.

Managing events in house can be an extremely fun and exciting task, enabling you to utilise existing talent within the business, bring teams together and provide further opportunities for learning and growth, especially in terms of innovation. After putting in months of hard work and dedication, it can be extremely rewarding when your event is a success. Nonetheless, event planning is a tough job and is not for everyone. The alternative is to go for an outsourced solution, which provides many benefits in its own right. Reasons to outsource include, lack of time, lack of internal resources, the stress and additional responsibility it brings, lack of creativity and limitations in skill set.

The benefits of outsourcing your event include:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Saving money and effective budget management
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Stress reduction

Saving time and resources

One of the main reasons that people outsource is because they simply do not have the time to plan and run an event on top of their everyday role. Event agencies have established strong relationships over the years with suppliers, venues and other contacts, meaning they have easy and direct access to what you need. Whilst it may take you a week to find the perfect venue, it could take an event agency just a few hours! Their vast experience means they know the right questions to ask, understand lead times and how to tackle challenges that arise, meeting deadlines is rarely an issue! All you have to do is choose your preferred event date, sit back, relax and let the experts do it for you!

Saving money and remaining in budget

Sticking to budget and minimising costs is another challenge faced by many when planning and running events, which is often a benefit when outsourcing. Event agencies usually have the benefit of established relationships with key industry suppliers allowing for preferential rates and exclusive extras that may normally have been out of your reach. Agencies often benefit through economies of scale, meaning you can often get more for your money. Their vast experience dealing with budgets takes the weight off your shoulders as they have the knowledge and understanding of how costs can inflate and are aware of the necessary contingencies preventing that unwanted sting in the tail, delivering the perfect event whilst remaining in budget. With an outsourced solution, you only pay for the expertise when you need it.

Increased innovation and creativity

You may have many event ideas when planning events, but trying to bring them to life in a unique way can often be challenging. Vast amounts of experience combined with the ability to think outside the box means event agencies are continuously producing new and exciting ideas to wow your shareholders, potential clients or employees. Their access to resources and technology, that may not be accessible to you, also means they can introduce creative and innovative solutions to cater for each of your event needs.

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Reducing stress

The Health and Safety Executive UK, state that the main causes of stress in the workplace are meeting tight deadlines, too much work or too much pressure or responsibility. Planning an event can often cause at least one, if not all, of these factors when taking on planning an event on top of the stress of their normal jobs. After all in 2016 event organising was rated the 5th most stressful job behind military personnel, firefighters, pilots and the police! Outsourcing means the event agency reflect the stress and anxiety from planning an event away from your business, providing you with solutions rather than problems. Allowing you and your team to remain focused on the running of your day-to-day job role whilst having the confidence that every element of your corporate event is planned in detail and delivered with finesse.

Final Words

So, if you are fed up of the stress and time consumption of planning an event, or you have run out of creative ideas, do not be afraid to outsource! The experience that comes with an events agency is invaluable, the benefits are endless, so get ready for some of the most creative, and successful events your business has ever seen! However, remember, working with an event agency does not mean that you are no longer involved. All good event agencies look at building a relationship with you and should be mindful of the key knowledge that you hold about your business. Outsourcing does not mean it is no longer your baby. You are the expert in your field. Look to the event agency for the support you require to deliver an exceptional event that achieves the goals set by you.

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