Logo Mashup Quiz: What Happens When These Brand Logos Merge?

You ever wonder what happens when companies merge? Apart from new offices, closed offices, layoffs, hires, new personalised workwear, product drops and strategy rethinks, there’s also the item of the logo. Either, one of the company logos has to go into the rubbish bin, or the brand identity needs a total makeover.

This means logo merger. Or, in the colloquial tongue, logo mashup.

Brand logos get a redesign when two large companies with established brands merge. We’ve seen designers get creative with sports logos, but what if we consider plausible company mergers?

We’ve gone ahead and designed some new big-brand logos for you. Where do they come from? Well that’s for you to find out in this custom logo mashup quiz!

It’s easy, all multiple choice! Take the quiz to get those creative juices flowing. Some of these are definitely plausible mergers, and others are… well… let’s just say they’re not matches made in heaven (but in the offices of a t-shirt printing company by a group of marketing creatives! (that’s us)).

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