Logos Made Real: An Exercise in Creative Advertising

I love advertising. As most marketers do (or at least should). I am the only person who doesn’t turn to its phone or leaves the room when commercials are on the telly – I get mesmerised. I would even wear a “I <3 MKT” printed t-shirt everyday.

Why? Because I like to see what brands are doing.

I enjoy analysing commercials, trying to figure out what the company’s motives are and how their marketing movements change according to what’s trending. And then, if I can, apply what I’ve learned to my company.

My habits have lead me to some troubles, I’m not going to lie. Some might call it an obsession. Friends of mine have complained. In their words, ‘I see marketing everywhere, all the time. It’s annoying.’ And I understand, I guess. But whenever I hear something like that, all I can think is: ‘But marketing IS everywhere!

I can’t help it. I find it fascinating. People do it without even knowing what the word means! It was only christened as ‘Marketing’ a few years ago, but it was born a long, long time ago when some poor old sap was promised long life and fortune if he exchanged his daughter for a couple of camels and got donkeys instead. (I have proof of this, of course, some ‘professionals’ might refer to it as a hunch, but still… Technicalities…)

Anyway, for today’s article I wanted to go on and try something different. Kind of a creative advertising exercise, if you will, to show my friends everyone that my fixation is more than justified and, more importantly, why you should get infatuated as well (if you care about becoming a great marketer).

Real Life Logo Ads: A Creative Advertising Exercise

In the last few years we’ve witnessed how top brands have begun using branded content as a key part of their content marketing strategy, because so far, it’s the best way to show people what you actually do and who you are, as a brand.

But what if we took branded content to the next level? What do you mean, exactly? You may ask. Well, remember that post that went viral a few years ago about the abstract paintings that where transformed into ‘real’ models? How about we do the same thing, but with brands’ logos? For example, Ferrari is a horse. I borrowed a picture of a real life horse and turned it onto an ad with a slogan, and all. I wasn’t sure where this would lead me. ‘At least it will be amusing’ I thought, but then I realised of how great of an opportunity this would be to explain how marketers can get inspiration from everything that’s surrounding them and use it on their marketing campaigns.

Apple: Think Different

Apple Life AD

As is almost always the case, the simplest and easiest idea is also the best one. Apple has always put great effort into letting people know just how different, ‘natural’ and special they are. With this ad, Apple could perfectly keep on promoting and featuring those values. Personally, I think that this could be an official Apple ad. Am I the only one?

Twitter: #ForReal

Twitter life ad

And you thought I couldn’t find a blue bird. Of course I can. Anybody can, actually. You just need to go to Tenerife, and head all the way up to El Teide (a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands), which is where el Pinzón Azul lives, and there you’ll find it. Twitter is the best Social Media Network for professionals when it comes to finding news and learning what’s going on in the ‘real world’. So what’s better than this ad?

Ferrari: Wildly Elegant

Ferrari Life Ad

Another iconic brand. With an even more iconic logo. Ferrari and its horse are perfectly known by almost every person on planet earth, but have you ever seen a Ferrari ad without a car? Probably not. I tried it and this is how it turned out. Natural, wild and elegant. So why don’t they do it?

Playboy: We all make love

Playboy Life Ads

‘Natural’ is probably not the best way to describe Playboy bunnies, but there are other concepts related to them, like love and sex, that are indeed natural. That’s why when I think of a ‘real life’ ad for the infamous magazine, two bunnies don’t seem like much of a stretch. At least it’s cute.

Facebook: Made for everyone

Facebook Life Ad

I love this one. Simple, funny and lovely. Such a cool chimp, that one.

Tinder: Be the flame

Tinder Real Life Ad

Why do you use Tinder? Don’t dare lie to me. You’re looking for a quick shag the flame of love. It could be a flicking candle or a forever burning torch or – like the Olympic one – a torch that gets lit up for a month and then put out for four years until you feel the need to light it up again. One way or another, you want the fire. I personally love this ad. Hot and passionate.

In the end, it’s important to remember that when we look at something real our mind responds differently to when we see an illustration or something that’s completely made up. We don’t need to lose our heads to create great advertising, what surrounds us is sometimes just as good. And now, what do you think?

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