As American graphic designer Saul Bass* once said:

“Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity.”

Creativity can be applied to anything, even to a task as mundane and boring like placing a logo. Before you order another T-shirt with a graphic on the left breast, let me present to you 17 alternatives:

* Though you may not know who he is, you’ve certainly seen his work. Bass designed logos for AT&T, United Airlines and Continental Airlines, the Girl Scouts and Quaker Oats.

1. On the hem

This one from Liam Madison initially looks like a classic white tee, but then you notice the logo low down by the hem. This one works because the logo isn’t as in your face, but it’s still noticeable.


logo t-shirtsSource


2. On the sleeve

Kenzo wrapped their logo around the sleeve of this men’s tee, which looks very cool. We’ve also seen companies place the logo on the outside centre of the sleeve (right about where you might see a biker’s “Mum” tattoo).


logo t-shirtsSource


3. On the neck or collar

We haven’t seen too many examples of this unusual logo placement. As it’s so near the wearer’s face, somebody is chatting to them will almost certainly glance the logo without intending to. 


logo t-shirts


4. Go diagonal

These colourful tees created for 30SP by STUDIOJQ design consultancy are a fantastic and eye-grabbing way to feature a logo. They also use the sleeve method we mentioned earlier. 


logo t-shirtsSource


5. Go oversized

This giant Adidas logo is unmissable. If your logo works well on the huge scale, why not have it take up nearly the entire tee?


logo t-shirtsSource


6. Use foil print

Go for the gold! Or silver, or whatever shiny colour takes your fancy. Foil printing can be a really effective way to make your logo shine (literally).


logo t-shirtsSource


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7. As a patch

These Moncler T-shirts use a classic logo placement with a not-so classic design. If you love how the traditional logo placement looks but want to mix it up, using a technique like a patch can be a great way to do that.


logo t-shirtsSource


8. Glow in the dark

Using glow in the dark techniques can be fun for things like a nightclub or bar, or anything that’s associated with dark spaces. This Ghostbusters logo works well because because of its mythology.

You could even include a special message that only shows up in the dark.


logo t-shirtsSource


Note: Want to design a logo for your own T-shirt brand? We teach you how in this blog post.

9. Split your logo into two halves

You could either split your logo vertically or horizontally using carefully-placed colours on the tee. If you can make this look good, you’ll definitely be drawing eyes to your logo.


logo t-shirtsSource


10. Create a pattern out of it

This Versace tee incorporates the logo into a pattern. You could choose to have it on a section of the tee or splashed all over as a print.


logo t-shirtsSource


11. On an actual pocket

This is another way you can mix up the classic pocket placement — by incorporating an actual pocket. It’ll physically push your logo out a bit more, making it stand out literally and visually. 


logo t-shirtsSource


12. On the back between the shoulder blades

Golfer Keegan Bradley wore a tee with an Tommy Hilfiger logo right in between his shoulder blades, and it shows up subtly in a lot of photos of him playing golf.

This may not work as well for all situations. Think about long hairstyles that might cover up your logo. Are the people you want to be buying your tees likely to have long hair?


logo t-shirtsSource


13. Go down the entire length of long sleeve

Criminal Damage Activewear did a cool version of their logo that went down the entire length of a long sleeved T-shirt. This is a bit different than placing your logo on a short sleeved tee like we mentioned earlier. If you’ve got a logo that’s more rectangular than square and works well horizontally, it’ll look great on a long sleeve.


long-sleeved T-shirt, logo, asos


14. On the shoulder

This Armani logo placement is similar to the example we mentioned above, but it’s placed a bit differently. It works well with the subtle vertical stripes they’ve incorporated running down the side of the T-shirt.


logo t-shirtsSource


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15. Embroider it

This looks like your standard logo T-shirt, but if you look closely you’ll see that it’s actually embroidered on. Though it’s a bit hard to see in photos, the embroidered logo stands out in real life.  


logo t-shirtsSource


16. Aligned with the bottom hem — or even partially cut off

As part of the merchandise for his blog Modulate, music producer Geoff Lee designed T-shirts that featured his logo on the bottom hem and sleeves. Calvin Klein is another brand that dared cut uff its logo. They can pull it off because it’s an international brand that everyone recognises, otherwise this wouldn’t be a good idea.


logo t-shirtsSource


17. Put it on the back vertically

Doesn’t this make an attention-grabbing way to place a logo? Of course, like the example in #14 with the golfer’s Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt, think about whether the people who you want to be wearing your tee are going to have long hair.


logo t-shirtsSource

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