London Pride: 5 things to wear that will make your day better

As cynical as I am, there’s always a part of me that gets emotional whenever London Pride comes around.

Pride is the one time of the year when I’m reminded that I’m not alone. That there are other queer people out there who don’t feel like they’re part of the status quo and want to celebrate their uniqueness.

Besides, there are rainbows everywhere! (More on that later).

Even though Pride is pretty mainstream nowadays, there are still people who ask me what they should wear for that day. There’s pretty much no dress code. Think about it, a dress code would just beat the purpose of the festivity since the occasion is all about celebrating our individualities, whatever they may look like.

Still, there are things you can wear to make your day easier. It is, after all, a long hot weekend and if you’re not properly dressed you may not have as much fun as you should.

Comfortable Shoes

First and foremost, wear comfortable shoes. A pair of trainers will do the trick or maybe even sensible sandals like Birkenstocks*. Just make sure they’re not brand new. Even if they’re designed for performance, new shoes tend to be uncomfortable and may even cause blisters when worn for too long.

* Some people think they’re a fashion faux pas, but I like them!

what to wear to london pride - vogue shoes

Kind Fabrics

It’s June and you’re going to spend a lot of time on the street – it’s going to get hot. In both good and bad ways. You may be tempted to create or buy a costume for the day – Pride parades are known for their creative outfits, but keep in mind the fabric of the garment.

Cotton is always a good idea since it breathes better, but if there’s a chance that you might get wet (ahem) then you could also consider a synthetic fabric that dries up faster. If you want to learn more about fabrics and which kinds are better for printing, check out the blog post we wrote on the subject.

Pride Flag

Everyone knows that when you go to London Pride, you have to wear something rainbow related.

Aside from being a symbol of peace, rainbows remind me of some of my favourite cartoons from when I was a kid. She-Ra, My Little Pony, Care Bears and Sailor Moon all showcased rainbows on a regular basis and were about groups of people (or creatures) that came together to celebrate and defend love.

care bears rainbow gif - what to wear to london pride

If you don’t want to wear a personalised T-shirt with a rainbow on it, you can always paint yourself with the colours of the flag. Or, if you don’t like the feeling of cracking paint on your face at the end of the day, you can always complete the outfit with cleverly themed accessories. Vogue made a list of high-fashion-rainbow-themed looks, but if you’re in a bit of a tighter budget, you can check out brands like Pride Shack that design Pride-inspired jewellery.

Some kind of bag

You won’t only need to carry your stuff around, but you will also receive lots of merchandise. London Pride is famous for giving lots of condoms and pamphlets to its attendees throughout the day and unless you want to carry them in your hands, you’ll need something to put them in (ahem).

There’s no need for something fancy here, a tote bag or a drawstring bag will do nicely. Check out our catalogue for inspiration.

And whatever you do, don’t forget…


It’s June, it’s hot and you’ll be spending a lot of time on the street. Take care of your skin! Put sunscreen now! Trust me, your future self will be thankful for it.

Are there any other items of clothing you’d recommend wearing to London Pride? A cheeky pair of pants, perhaps? Leave us your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

In the meantime, keep reading the Printsome Blog for more awesome content.

Happy Pride!

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