#T-shirt Tuesday: Lovebox T-shirts Lineup

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London’s newest summer music festival, Lovebox, is back this weekend for two days of heat, music and clever ways to cool back down. They have this nifty little promotional video to get you stoked for the headliners:

Lovebox is one of London’s most popular musical efforts, providing music for partiers and cool kids alike. The tunes range from electronic DJ acts to live bands. A serious draw is also Lovebox’s myriad sideline entertainment via performances, art installations, dance troupes, and other fun activities!

The line-up really can’t get any better. We’ve got Snoop Dogg, Rudimental, Cypress Hill and Mark Ronson, to name a few. I’m excited just talking about it!

We’re still waiting for Lovebox to contact us about printing their official t-shirts merchandise, given that we print t-shirts in London ;)! But in the meantime, at least they give us an awesome lineup of people we can relate to. Why? These artists have something other than music in common: they all have a sharp sense for fashionable printed tshirts designs.

We’ve seen too many artists and bands that might have the wherewithal to give their fans t-shirt printing merch, but who opt for the basic t-shirt and elementary design. When a celeb puts time and effort into designing truly awesome t-shirts, we take our hats off.

It’s really important too, since printed tees become promotional t-shirts that for lesser-known bands become as powerful as word-of-mouth. Dedicated fans disseminate band names they love, and t-shirts are the preferred medium!

As a t-shirt printing agency, we tend to favour good bands who sport nice promotional t-shirts with ace designs.

We know that artists are not necessarily t-shirt designers, but it’s a big plus if they are able to transfer their creativity into fan-bait Lovebox t-shirts!

So with this theme fresh on our minds, let’s have a look at the best printed t-shirt designs from the Lovebox t-shirts 2015 lineup!

Oh, and really quick: for Lovebox official merchandising don’t forget to visit the stand inside the gate!

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snoop lion, snoop lion t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,

flight facilities, flight facilities t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,


mark ronson, mark ronson t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,

action bronson, action bronson t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirts

annie mac, annie mac t-shirt, t-shirts, lovebox, lovebox t-shirts,

cypress hill, cypress hill t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirts,

jessie ware, jessie ware t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,

squarepusher, squarepusher t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt

hot chip, hot chip t-shirt, hot chip lovebox, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,

ella eyre, ella eyre t-shirt, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,

flume t-shirt, flume, lovebox, lovebox t-shirt,

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