To say the modern man cares about his clothes would be a big understatement. Long gone are the days where fashion was a ‘girls only’ club. Nowadays gentlemen from all walks of life are not embarrassed to admit that they’re into the way they look and dare I even say — shopping?

The truth of the matter is that we want to look good and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s always been the case, is just that now, we’re not embarrassed to admit it. Besides, why should girls have all the fun? Fashion is good for the soul, they say. It’s time for us to have the spiritual experience, as well.

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Below, you’ll find a list of 20 of the best male fashion bloggers based in the UK. Some of them prefer the streetwear look while others go for the classic English suit but they all have a thing in common and that is that they got plenty of style.

If you want to check out the best female fashion bloggers based in the UK, you can do so here.




Michael Adams from ‘Michael 84′

Adams describes his blog as a mash-up of personal style, menswear advice and lifestyle tips. His most popular review sections are of fragrances and bars in his hometown Newcastle.


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Steve Booker

This blog talks about fashion, travel and lifestyle — nothing too new here but what makes it different is the way he does it. His photography skills could get him a job at National Geographic — yes, he’s that good. Booker’s also has a YouTube channel where he features his latest findings and adventures.


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Jordan Bunker

‘Expertly-curated Instagram feed.’ Were the words British Vogue used to describe this dapper, young man. Bunker is a must-follow for any man that appreciates minimalism and wants to learn how to use basic pieces well.


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Jim Chapman

Since he’s mostly known for his YouTube channel, many may think that Chapman has no place in a ‘bloggers’ list but, in my opinion, to exclude one of the most stylish men in Great Britain would be a mistake. Besides, he does have a blog! Like other YouTubers, he rose to fame thanks to personal vlogs and ‘cinnamon challenge’ type of videos but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. This young man is a published author, writes for GQ and has walked down the runway for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana.


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Simon Crompton from ‘Permanent Style’

If you’re a gentleman that enjoys the timeless looks, then Crompton is the man for you. His blog is full of practical wisdom from how to take care of your shoes to how a fedora should fit.


Joel from ‘Gallucks’

Joel AKA Gallucks studied Performing Arts at the University of Chichester until he decided to move to London to try his luck in the fashion industry. After a few failed interviews, the young man found a job as a stylist and that’s where he met success. After working for platforms such as Net-A-Porter, he resigned to concentrate on his blog full time. If you’re into streetwear, you shouldn’t miss his blog.


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Jai’me Jan from ‘Boy Meets Fashion’

If you’re one of those (like me) who has always dreamed of sitting on the front of a fashion show, then this is the blog for you. Jan is a common guest on some of the most exclusive events in the industry and casually hangs out with many VIPs. Don’t miss his behind-the-scenes content.


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Joey London

From a very young age, Joey discovered he was interested in all things creative. Throughout his life, he has pursued painting, filmmaking and drawing, among other things. Check out his social networks to stay updated with his latest travels, workout routines and other projects.


Matthew Pike from ‘Buckets and Spades’

Mat includes shots of his outfits mixed into stories about his life, like the one about a trip to Japan, as well as posts about shop visits and his outfits. He’ll also occasionally write about something he just finds interesting or creative, like how a tennis ball is made. No matter what it is, it’s always entertaining.


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Mike Quyen

Originally from Vietnam, Quyen is based in London from where he studies advertising. From a very young age, he always showed interest in photography and fashion; skills he has learned by himself and shared with the world through his stylish blog.


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Matt Ridout from ‘Kingsdown Roots’

If you’re into trainers and sportswear then this is the blog for you. Ridout comes from a small town in the southeast of England but has lived most of his adult life in London. From nine to five, he works for a luxury fashion start-up and, in his spare time, creates content for his blog.


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Luke Ross from ‘The Fashion Samaritan’

When writing about himself, Ross said, ‘I am not a writer, I am not a reader, but I am a wearer.’ I don’t know if that makes for a good blog but it certainly makes for a great Instagram feed. He also describes himself as being ‘starved for beauty’ which keeps him in constant search of the perfect outfit.


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Sam Squire

Squire invites us to see the world through his horn-rimmed glasses whenever he creates a new video on grooming or uploads a new picture to Instagram. His following may not be as big as other names on this list but the young lad sure knows how to style an outfit. We predict great things for him.


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Adam Tanous from ‘The Dapper Chapper’

This blog’s motto is to make extinct the phrase ‘I like that but I couldn’t pull it off.’ I’m up for it! Unlike other blogs on this list that revolve around a single person, The Dapper Chapper is a community of writers who share their tips and experiences with like-minded readers. Lead by Tanous, this is a must-read for any fashion-conscious English gentleman.


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Carl Thompson

Thompson is the epitome of a city gent. ‘London’ is practically his surname at this point. Not only does he cover fashion but also writes restaurant reviews and even talks about business from time to time. If you live in the British capital and you like men’s fashion, then this blog is a must follow.


Neil Thornton from ‘What Neil Did’

Neil Thornton, the founder of What Neil Did, is a former stylist and private shopper turned fashion writer, social media addict and style seeker. He has also freelanced for various online and print publications including Men’s Health and Notion Magazine.


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Toni Tran from ‘FashiTects’

The name of this blog comes from the marriage of two of Tran’s passions, fashion and architecture. He is mostly known for staging opulence-dripping photoshoots. If you like beautiful buildings and the latest trends in fashion, then you cannot skip this young fashionista’s work.


Adam Walker from ‘The Male Stylist’

The purpose of The Male Stylist is to educate men on the latest in grooming and fashion. Walker likes to test products and brands to review them on his blog. Even though his forte is talking about tailoring, he is not afraid to tackle more serious topics such as ‘body image.’


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Matthew Zorpas from ‘The Gentleman Blogger’

Another male fashion blogger, this time is Matthew Zorpas, better known as the Gentleman Blogger. As you would expect from the name, Matthew’s style is sophisticated and elegant. He’ll show you how to wear new collections and top-end designs in an impeccable way. He also posts musing on being a true gentleman, 21st-century style.


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