You need to understand one thing – marketing will get people to open the door and look inside, but it’s not gonna get them to stay on its own. You can have the most attractive design, the most enjoyable style to your branding and communications efforts, but it all won’t matter much if you don’t have lean UX.

Namely, the point of any good product, website, or service is the experience of the user. If the user is dissatisfied, well, you can’t really expect any further conversions, no can you? All you’ll end up with is a high bounce rate and empty pockets. 



Slow page loading speeds

Now, following lean UX design trends is all well and good, you should always keep an ear to the ground, and think about what is the brand new thing. However, there are some basic things you also need to get under control, one of the most important ones being slow loading speeds.

Namely, people are not patient at all nowadays. People expect their pages to load, and they expect them to load fast and quick. Trust us, if people think it’s a chore to use your website, if they have to slog through your pages only to reach what they want to reach, you can expect them to jump ship rather soon.

Clutter is the opposite of lean UX

We understand the urge to implement as many features as possible. However, understand that less is more. A cluttered website that is difficult to navigate, that users have to actually work hard to find what they want (instead of it being effortless) will only lead to very high bounce rates. Great, you got them here, and now they can’t wait to leave.

Now, while we do think minimalism is an excellent choice, you don’t have to go that far. Simply sit down and think things through. Remember what the most important things are to you as far as your website is concerned. Your landing page should only present your call to action (CTA), a primary headline, some core beliefs, and notes on the products and services you provide, and that is basically it. And even regular pages should focus on what they provide, whether that’s product presentation, content, marketing, social media promotion…

Poor design response

Responsive design is a vital part of any website nowadays. Now, a responsive design means that your website is suitable and readable on any device. This means people can access it just fine using their smartphones, tablets, or computers. If you just focus on laptop and desktop users, you are missing out on a very large chunk of the market. Furthermore, in 2015, Google actually set up its algorithms in a way that ranks websites optimized for mobile higher. 

Lean UX
‘…a responsive design means that your website is suitable and readable on any device.’
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Poor call to action implementation

Calls to action are a touchy and somewhat complicated subject. Namely, they look simple on the surface, and yet, so many people simply don’t do them well. The CTA needs to be clear and to the point. They should not carry a ton of text, with an entire article explaining just how amazing your company is, and just how awesome everything you offer can be. What you instead need to have is contact information, a simple payment or subscription option, and bullet points describing the services or the product.

Generic photos

People hate stock photos because of just how clearly fake they are. And a big part of marketing is focused on visuals, people being attracted to your content at a glance. But, choosing the right photo is understanding your target audience, and understanding your product. 

Now, let’s say your target audience is based in Sydney, Australia for example. We suggest you tailor your choice of photo to what people living in a modern city, such as Sydney, of a certain age group, would like. If that’s too complicated, contacting somebody who understands this market can do wonders. So, if you need your new photos or a new layout, contact a Sydney graphic design agency, or whichever company that is based in a city relevant to your target audience. 

Too much text

Text is great for SEO but too much of it can really turn people off. Namely, people are daunted, they are intimidated by large walls of text. Nobody has time for that. Instead, try to be clear and concise. Too much text will distract them from the article, it will shift their focus away from what you want them to focus on. 

The art of minimizing text and utilizing web design options is difficult, but very rewarding, to master. You can always get further education on the subject and learn about the ins and outs of web design. Do note that people here are presenting information (on web design) through videos, instead of just writing articles and using text. This is because they understand that video is a very useful medium that can make your life easier both in terms of conservation of space and as a way to mix up your content.

Lean UX
‘…people are daunted, they are intimidated by large walls of text.’


Are you now convinced on just how important proper lean UX design is? If your user is annoyed by what you offer, they won’t really stay where they are. Instead, they will abandon your website or product, and move onto something else. Whether this happens because you have too much text, maybe because you lack reviews, or simply because it takes ages for your pages to load, its irrelevant. Sure, your marketing brought them here, but you need to find a way to keep them.

Text: Nick Brown

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