Meet the Team: T-shirt Inspiration from our Artistic Designer

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Custom made Shirts UK It has been a while since we last featured one of our awesome team members in our #T-shirtTuesday series and we have decided it was about time to introduce the new additions to the Printsome crew. As amazing as Paula, our Creative Director is at making the detailed visuals and any graphic design work the Marketing team needs, she sometimes gets swamped with work.

We introduce you to Jose, Paula’s right hand in the Graphic Design team, and what a great addition she has been. You might have already noticed her work around the blog, impressively showing her design skills coming from a mind that has creativity constantly spilling over.

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Jose joins us from Argentina, but you would have probably figured that out going through her selection of t-shirts as she proudly shows her love for mate (Argentine equivalent of tea) and undying support of River Plate.

When she is not lighting up the office with her cheerful personality, Jose will most likely be working on her next art project or getting inspiration from other expositions or museums. Random fact alert: she is a big fan of Adam West, enjoys loud and upbeat pop music, and is fond of the kitsch style of involving popular and cultural icons in design!

The t-shirt selection that Jose chose definitely shows an insight into her artistic designer mind as well as her passions. From the imaginative t-shirts that MoMA released as limited edition to the popular culture t-shirts, these t-shirts are a perfect representation of what is going on in her head.

moma, moma t-shirt, moma limited edition t-shirt
river plate, river plate jersey, football jersey
wheres waldo, wheres waldo t-shirt, wheres wally, wheres wally t-shirt
art t-shirt, art, t-shirts, dtg t-shirt
mate t-shirt, mate,
batman t-shirt, batman, adam west batman, adam west t-shirt
i am magnificent t-shirt, i am magnificent
frida, frida t-shirt, frida with flowers t-shirt,
drawings, drawings t-shirt,
blues brothers, blues brothers t-shirt,
watermelon t-shirt, watermelon, watermelons on t-shirt
hamburger t-shirt, hamburger,
star wars t-shirt, star wars, star wars a new hope t-shirt
basquet t-shirt, basquet,
striped t-shirt, t-shirt, stripes


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