Consumerism is constantly evolving due to the impact of the innovative digital world. The way in which shopping has changed over the past few years is drastic. From having to pop to your local shop for a pint of milk, to being able to do your weekly grocery shop from the comfort of your own home; the online shopping options now available are endless!

Online Shopping Infographic

This infographic created by Rombus Packaging, outlines the main ways in which online shopping has affected current retailers and what this means for their future. Did you know that 44% of smartphone users buy stuff online and 76% of millennials shop at large retail sites? With the evident increase in online shopping, the need for effective product packaging is higher than ever before.

The online shopping infographic then goes on to discuss the ‘conscious consumer’ as well as what attracts consumers to products the most. Resources show that 93% of consumers state that visual appearance is the main factor that attracts them to a product, making them more likely to purchase.

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Subscription boxes have also seen a huge surge in popularity, with visitors to subscription box sites increasing 30% from 2015 to 2017. The increased competition within the retail industry means that quality packaging has also seen a rise. Not only does quality packaging inform the consumer, and differentiate your brand from others, but it also increases product value and helps in customer retention.

Many brands are also opting for eco-friendly packaging, and this infographic points out some of the main benefits of eco-friendly packaging and why many businesses are implementing it into their product packaging. Check out the below infographic for more information on the ways in which shopping has changed over the years.


Online shopping infographic - An infographic on the evolution of shopping throughout the years - part 1

Online shopping infographic - An infographic on the evolution of shopping.

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