Personalised T shirts for men tend to get a lot of hype and for good reason, they’re the most comfortable and versatile item in any wardrobe. It’s also probably the only clothing item that’s loved by both fashionistas and slobs at the same time (okay, I guess Ugg boots also count). For most people, getting a chance to wear them means that the weekend has arrived but they can be so much more than just a garment for your off day. Don’t believe me? Then keep reading because I’m about to give you some serious tips on how to style up custom printed T Shirts online.

Personalised T shirts for men: The best tips to dress them up

#15 Go monochromatic

An easy-going look can be turned into a more elegant one by simply wearing garments of the same or similar hues. Personally speaking, I believe that black is the best colour for the job since it’s elegant and it compliments every body shape and skin colour.

#14 Pair it with leather

Care to look like a bad boy? Then how about if you pair that T-shirt of yours with a nice leather jacket? Current trends like the biker jacket and suede look particularly good when paired with T-shirts. Leather trousers also work if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

#13 Wear it with a blazer

Nothing says ready to work (or party) quite like a T-shirt and a dinner jacket. It works great for both casual offices and parties. Nowadays blazers come in any colour, allowing you to choose your favourite. During the day you can wear any except for black, leave that one for the evening. Why does it look good? Because when you pair a T-shirt with a suit jacket you’re creating a contrast between elegant and casual, and contrasts are always interesting to watch. This is the classiest way to wear personalised T shirts for men!

personalised t shirts for men - dinner jacket

#12 Tuck it in

I know some of you will chase me down the hill with torches for even suggesting it but I happen to think that a tucked in tee (when done well) can elevate an outfit. How do you do it well? All you’ll need is a regular fitting T-shirt of your size (no muscle tee or oversized garment) and a well-preserved leather belt.

#11 Wear it with a cardigan

Both cardigans and T-shirts are adaptable garments and when paired together can result in an effortless classy-but-not-really-trying kind of look. Just remember to never fasten the last button.

#10 Accessorise it with a fancy scarf

Scarves are a great accessory. Not only do they protect our neck during the colder months, but also come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. A good scarf can compliment an outfit that may otherwise “lack” something.

personalised t shirts for men, scarf

#9 Pair it with black

It might be obvious by now, but when it comes to fashion, black is my favourite colour. On top of being elegant, it’s slimming! Try pairing up your coloured T-shirt with different kinds of black garments (jackets, pants, vests, shoes) to figure out what looks best on your body.

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#8 Accessorise with statement jewellery

Jewellery is not just for women; the trick is to stick to just one piece. Otherwise, you may run the risk of looking like an extra in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The right accessory can turn an otherwise boring ensemble into a memorable one.

#7 Try it out with different textures

Few things can make an outfit ‘pop’ quite like the right combination of different textures. We already mentioned leather which is very effective, but how about wool, tweed or even (fake) fur? Pair any of these with a plain cotton T-shirt and it will immediately elevate your look. During the colder winter months, knit jumpers are a great option.

personalised t shirts for men, knitted jumper

#6 Accessorise it with a nice bag or backpack

If you only have enough money to invest in one piece, this should be it. Bags and backpacks should always be of good quality, especially if you use it to go to work every day.

#5 Pair it with dress shoes

The right dress shoes can make any outfit go from regular to business. If you’re not a fan of the wooden soles (they can be uncomfortable) then get a pair of leather brogues with rubber ones. They’ll provide you with the comfort of a trainer with the elegance of an oxford shoe.

#4 Wear it with a suit

A look that would make our grandfathers cringe, the suit with a T-shirt can look very smart when pulled off well. Just try to avoid bright colours so you don’t steer into Miami Vice territory.

personalised t-shirts for men, suit

#3 Wear it with a pair of chinos

Even though the cotton twill trousers are trending right now, there are not new. In fact, they originated in the mid 19th century and were originally created for soldiers in both French and British military. History lesson aside, they’re very versatile and perfect for spring and summer. Combine them with tip #5 for a polished look.

#2 Wear it with a topcoat

In a similar fashion to suits, topcoats paired with T-shirts are an unlikely but potentially great combination. Try neutral colours like camel, grey, and black for a more impactful look.

#1 Layer it out with a button-up shirt

Another look straight from the 90’s. Avoid plaid shirts so you don’t end up looking like the vocalist of a grunge band (unless that’s what you’re going for). For a more distinguished look, keep both the tee and the buttoned-up shirt the same colour.

personalised t shirts for men, button-up shirt

Got any more tips to style up personalised T-shirts for men? Then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or you can also drop us a message through any of our social media outlets. For more awesome content, keep reading the Printsome Blog.

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