Events are a golden opportunity to promote your brand. Of course, as with any good idea, we’re not the only ones who think that. In fact, over 85 million people(!) attend conferences and networking meetings every year in the UK alone. Which makes us question — how can you stand out in that crowd, all eager to push their business as the very best one?

Fortunately, we also have the answer to that question! Here are 50-plus pocket tips you can use to make an impression at your next business event – and a lot of them you can do in practically no time at all.

Let’s get cracking!

1. Take a page out of Coca-Cola’s playbookdo something to commemorate a holiday or special occasion. They released America-themed cans.

2. Offer a special deal for people attending the event. That’ll encourage people to get in touch.

3. Consider using an alternative to a business card — try these ideas for size.

4. Add a QR code to your business card that links to your brand website.

5. You could also run a QR code scavenger hunt!

6. If you have a stand at something like a trade show, use these tips to make it rise above the rest.

7. Have a giveaway of some sort. People love getting free stuff!

8. Hand out flyers with a treasure map that leads people to your stand or product. Check out these awesome flyer templates!

9. Draw people in with food. Like we were saying, people love getting free stuff — especially if it’s tasty food!

10. Get involved on social media in real-time during the event. Make sure to use a hashtag, and for extra points tag or mention the organisers or participants.

11. Show your followers the behind-the-scenes part of an event on social media, too.

12. If there’s a chance to ask a speaker a question, go for it! You’ll be the centre of attention, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

13. Consider hanging out personalised bags with your brand on them. If people are getting lots of flyers and other papers, they’ll need somewhere to keep them – and your brand’s bags are just the spot!

Brand promotion

14. Remember to keep things authentic. Lots of brands do really crazy, out-there stuff, but gimmicks can backfire if you’re not careful. Stick to what you think will work for our brand.

15. Give guests an incentive to post on social media about your brand if you’re organising the event. Vanity Fair had a Twitter vending machine that let guests earn points for mentions. Later, they could redeem the points for prizes like cocktail shakers and even jewellery.

16. Are you in charge of choosing the venue? Here are 100 brilliant venues that will make your brand’s event a memorable one.

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17. Say it with balloons! Can you work them into the event in some way?

18. Chat with people you want to meet online before the actual event. For more serious professional stuff, try LinkedIn or a Twitter to contact people. For casual stuff, anything goes! The most important thing is to let people know you’ll be there.

19. Make custom candy or mints with your brand on the wrapper to pass out.

20. Don’t be too shy to directly approach people, like potential customers.

21. If there are going to be multiple people representing your brand at an event, have them wear personalised workwear clothing that shows off the brand.

22. If you can swing it, create a banner to hang up in the venue. Make sure it’s a good one!

23. Hand out samples of your product if you can. It’s easier to convince someone to buy something they already know they like!

24. Keep a close eye on the competition. What are they doing?

promote brand events

25. Follow up after the event. A lot of the time, people go home from an event with approximately a million business cards and no clue who they belong to.

26. Take notes on the back of people’s business cards to send them a personalised message afterwards thanking them.

27. Make a point of chatting to the people who organise the event, even if it’s just to thank them.

28. If you’ve followed our previous point, get in touch with the organisers later on down the line and see if you can become a speaker or sponsor for future events or vice versa. It’ll give your brand major visibility, so think up a few interesting topics.

29. Pass out water bottles with your brand’s logo printed on the label.

30. Are there drinks or parties after the event? If so, you definitely want to be there! It’s a great chance to chat to people in a less formal setting and get to know them better.

31. Are there brands you admire going to the same event? Talk to their representatives! Even better: have ideas for how you might be able to join forces and work together.

32. Don’t forget the power of the press. Find out if any journalists are going, and seek them out if they are.

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33. Practice what you’re going to say beforehand. That goes for everyone, from event speakers down to people who are there to network. Practice makes perfect!

34. Think about hosting your own event for your brand. It can be a good way to establish your brand as a leading voice.

35. Create coasters with your brand on as an alternative to flyers.

promoting my brand

36. See if you can team up with another brand to cross-promote. The classic example of this is Heinz ketchup promoting Ore-Ida french fries on bottle labels. Can you pair up with a partner brand?

37. Make a point of talking to people one-on-one. This will make you and your brand more memorable!

38. Read up on our 12 Commandments of Networking at Events to figure out how to do networking the right way.

39. Have your brand sponsor drinks or snacks at the event.

40. Have a giant game for people to play. It sounds silly, but these have been a bit hit at lots of events recently, from giant Angry Birds to giant ping pong!

41. Try promoting a cause you care about alongside your brand at the event. That way, you can subtly show off your brand as one that cares about X, Y, or Z.

42. For a multi-day event, give away your freebies on the second day of the event. A lot of brands do it right away on the first day, so you can stand out by doing things a bit differently.

43. Have a photocell or photo booth. See if you can get something from your brand placed in the background or as a frame for the photo.

44. Hand out free T-shirts at the event. Whether people wear them at the event or later it doesn’t matter — it’s free advertising either way!

45. Offer a phone charging station — on behalf of your brand, of course.

46. Work with a designer to create a business card that’ll stand out from the pack.

47. No money to sponsor an event? Volunteer! Even if you don’t get a chance to directly promote your brand, you’ll definitely get a chance to talk to lots and lots of people — a.ka. lots and lots of future customers or connections!

48. Run a pop-up-shop for your brand alongside the event.

49. Pass out something for your brand (flyers, sweets, discounts, samples – anything, really) outside a big event…even if you aren’t attending the event. Say you have a T-shirt company. Well, you’ll have lots of potential fashionable customers at London Fashion Week, right?

50. Incorporate the latest technology trends, like virtual reality and wearable technology. Here are some suggestions for how!

Wow, did we already run through 50 ideas? These 50 pocket tips are short and sweet, but that doesn’t stop them from being real ways you can promote your brand at events. Whether you’re involved in the event as an organiser, a speaker, or an attendee, there are lots of ways you can get people’s attention and make your brand stand out in the best way possible.

What other creative ways can you think of to promote a brand at events? Let us know in the comments or reach us via any of our social media outlets!

In the meantime, keep reading the Printsome Blog for more awesome content.

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