Let’s start by sharing a single piece of data with you: almost 12% of all global shopping happened online in 2018, and that number is expected to reach 17.5% by 2021. That single shopping habit translates into a multi-billion-dollar pie, one that you certainly want to earn a slice of, and join a vast network of online retailers that successfully grow their digital stores. However, each and every brand has its own target audience, its ideal buyers, and its set of values that need to be promoted properly. That is why not every tactic applies to every company out there, and each business will benefit from them in different ways.

If you are prepared to abandon the cookie-cutter solution for the sake of an authentic approach, you can certainly use some of the already tried and tested tactics and pair them with your own original ideas in the aim to attract more people to your store. After all, trends keep changing with more of them popping up on a regular basis, and every growth-oriented e-commerce business cannot afford to stay in the dark.

While it’s up to you to find the most suitable and specific tactics that will help you increase your brand visibility, awareness, and loyalty, there are certain methods that are considered the very foundation of proper marketing in 2019. Let’s take a look at the several essential solutions to your promotion problems that will help you skyrocket your brand to stardom in the months to follow!

Get social with Instagram

Take into consideration that there are around one billion active users on this platform every month, and you’ll begin to understand the scale of usage of social media in general and their relevance in the modern ecommerce arena. Neglecting Instagram would cost you hundreds if not thousands of curious eyes and potential clicks, hence the need to invest time and creativity to get more screen-time with your target audience and potential shoppers. What’s more, Instagram also allows you to include products you’re selling (for a fee that goes to Instagram, of course), so that you can save your followers some time to get to your store.

Instagram is not innately a shopping platform, but these perks of pure visibility, generating interactions with users, and engaging with potential influencers are all of pivotal importance for any ecommerce brand. This is by far one of the finest ways any modern business can get more traction, follow relevant topics, understand trends, and offer your own expertise to your followers. As a deeply visual platform, Instagram is also a perfect way to showcase your skills in providing stellar imagery related to your brand, and a way to make your name memorable for your followers!

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Instagram is one of the best ways for any new business to get more traction.

Focus on sterling video content

Yet another fun fact to have you rushing to your creative team as soon as possible: did you know that product videos can increase purchases by 144%? So much has already been said about video content and its growth in popularity over the past few years, but it seems that it also has a very measurable meaning in the world of ecommerce as well. However, the UK still has to adapt to this trend to meet the needs of its customers.

For the sake of comparison, 75% of marketers in Australia are utilizing video to engage their customers, while only 67% of marketers in the UK are doing the same, which serves as not so subtle a hint for British brands to do more in terms of content and video production. Combine the sheer amount of time people spend watching videos with the videos’ ability to boost sales and you have a perfect content outlet to attract and dazzle your audience.

As a result of these trends, original video production in Sydney and other AU metropolises should serve as a role model for UK brands as well, as it has become a key tactic for brands to communicate their values to their audience. Videos have the ability to provide ample information, tease the senses, and inspire, all in a matter of mere moments. Short and sweet is the best way to go, although each industry has its own set of preferences.

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Tweak your shopping journey

If close to 70% of carts are abandoned by users online, then this represents a serious issue for every online retailer that means business. While some brands suffer more than others, this problem boils down to a few key pain points that you’ll want to address, not merely for your bottom line, but for the sake of keeping your customers loyal, interested, and preferably unannoyed.

The lightning-fast tempo of living today makes us all a little more impatient than we’d like to admit. As a consequence, you’ll recognize your own dissatisfaction when a page doesn’t load as fast as you expect it to (as in, right now), or when the checkout process takes five clicks instead of three. A single second can make a difference in whether or not your customer even gets to peruse your product categories, while a complex navigation system can deter even the more patient of your users to simply lose their desire to shop.

Make sure that you:

  • List prices and shipping costs transparently and as early as possible in the checkout process
  • Avoid obligatory registration and offer guest purchases and social integrations instead
  • Offer a range of payment methods for added flexibility
  • Emphasize your security efforts and certifications so that they know it’s safe to shop with you

These are just some out of many best practices every online retailer can decrease their abandonment rates and inspire their customers to come back to the store.

Integrate with Facebook

In addition to Instagram, Facebook remains a top social platform to connect with your followers and also utilize it directly for sales. The key here, much like with every other network of its kind, is to balance how you post your content and make sure that you’re not being too pushy or focusing on sales alone. In fact, product-focused posts are not considered a favorite among Facebook users when it comes to long-term loyalty.

Promotional posts and ads are one way to get in front of the right audience at the right time. But it’s your quality, educational, and fun posts that will seal the deal and allow for trust to form between you and your customers.

The more you use Facebook to inspire conversations around relevant topics, announce your brand news, and share advice and guidance, the greater your chances are of actually generating more sales down the road.

E-commerce shops.

92% of online shoppers read product reviews.

Invite and encourage feedback and reviews

If you use your own behaviour as a frame of reference, you’ll know just how relevant reviews can be in tipping the scales in your favour. Our need to check others’ experiences before we make our choice is a valid way of placing our trust in the right hands, and since 92% of online buyers read these reviews, you can rest assured that inspiring them will help you become a more trustworthy entity in the eyes of your audience.

Brands without a strategy to inspire, encourage, and reward reviews are failing to utilize the growing power of this simple strategy. Use every opportunity to generate feedback from your online buyers: from email newsletters, hand-written thank-you notes attached to the product where you ask them to leave a Google review, all the way to enabling them on every social platform you have.

Smaller businesses can also use this as an opportunity to respond in kind, use negative feedback to turn criticism into a growth opportunity, and establish an even closer connection to their followers.

The challenge of promoting your e-commerce store will always be a changing one, with more new trendy practices being invented for you to take advantage of. However, if you use these practices as your foundation of e-commerce strategizing, you’ll be able to upgrade them and build on them as you move forward and allow your brand to grow in the years to come!

Text: Lauren Wiseman

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