As we grow up we come to the awful realisation that one, taxes are very real and two, even the sturdiest of T-shirts won’t last forever.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw that old one away! As they say, every end is a new beginning. Who are they? I don’t know, but they’re out there. Anyway, we’ve rounded up a collection of the very best ways you can re-use your most beloved personalised t-shirt after it has been deemed no longer decent to be worn in public.


1. Braided Bracelets

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A great bracelet can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. But did you know that your wasted T-shirts can help you make one at home? It’s quite simple; you just have to slice the garment into strips and braid them together. You can also get a plain bangle and wrap the T-shirt strips around it. Who would’ve thought that your printed T-shirts can be used to craft a funky-looking bracelets?

2. Personalised Tote Bags

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Yes people, you’re reading this right — you really can fashion a tote bag from a T-shirt. But if you can’t find just the right one for your bag, then why not get in touch with a printing company to get a custom one done up? *wink* *wink*

3. Cute Kid Skirt

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You can shape your tee however you want, but second-hand items aren’t the only option for a used T-shirt. How about a hand-me-down? Your used T-shirt is a kid’s treasure, perhaps. So don’t throw it away, you already spent the cash at that printing company in London, or maybe we’re talking about an old promotional T-shirt; in any case, your kid will wear it proud!

A skirt isn’t the only thing you can make for your little ones — check out this list of stuff you can create from an old tee for them.

4. Plump Pillow

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 You might have bought many crazy tees on a vacation or at the market from aimless shopping. Well, no worries; just convert your tees into a pillow and make the best use of it! The truth is that a T-shirt is the most comfortable thing, and so is a pillow, so why can’t they be one and the same?

5. Wall Décor

We all have different tastes as per the décor around us. For people that believe in revamping their otherwise throwaway products, wall décor is a perfect option to save the day. Bind your tee in a drawing canvas and hang it on the wall. Especially if your old T-shirt is full of memories, this is the way to cherish them.

6. Cropping the Top

For plain wasted tees, the best way to use them all over again is to get give them a new look. Personalised tops are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe if done right! You just cut off a few inches under the logo and now you have a whole new crop top.

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7. Tween Top

Your old clothes might not be of much use for you, but they could be for your kids. It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to transform and oversized top into kid’s tween top. These ones inspired by Tumblr are sure to be a hit.

8. Cuts and Lace

Use your imagination and turn the boring trashed T-shirt into fascinating cuts or a lace top. Star blogger Bethany Mota has some great ideas for how you can turn your scruffy old tee into a stunning new top.

9. Lamp shades

Lamp shades is a really cool idea especially for T-shirts that have designs that really add a personal touch to your home. I’m picturing Superman tees as lamp shades. Anyone?

10. A romper

Sure, you could just go out and buy a romper at American Apparel — but why not make your own inspired by the grand out of an old tee? Not only will you get bonus points for having made it yourself, but you’ll also get to avoid giving any of your money to a company with a few not-so-nice practices.

11. A halter top

This top is perfect for going out, and nobody will know that you’re secretly wearing an old T-shirt! That way, you’ll get to be comfy and stylish at the same time (not always an easy feat).

12. A rug

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Won’t your worn out tees make the softest rug? This one looks like the perfect place to curl up and take a nap. Start collecting tees now!

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13. A scarf

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This article has 14 different scarves you can create out of an old T-shirt. Who even knew there were 14 different types of scarves to begin with?

14. An apron

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For those of you who enjoy being in the kitchen (so, not me), this apron is perfect for keeping your clothing clean while you whip up something tasty.

15. A quilt

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Your old concert tees are perfect for this one. Grab a bunch and carefully cut out the coolest bits to sew together to make a quilt full of memories.

16. A dog toy

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Show your furry friend some love with this handmade toy the dog can chew on as much as it likes. It’s an easy and cheap way to give them endless hours of fun.

17. A cat toy

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More of a cat person? Don’t worry, we’ve got a way you can treat them to something nice, too. Whether your cat likes it or not is another issue — you know how cats can be (And I say that as a cat person).

18. Tea towels

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This is a very sensible way to reuse your old tees. And as they’re already old, you won’t feel bad about staining them or getting them dirty.

19. Yarn

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Can’t get enough of this DIY stuff? Then make some yarn out of an old T-shirt so you can get busy creating all kinds of great new stuff. This open-knit jersey made out of T-shirt yarn is probably best for for serious crafters, but the results are pretty impressive.

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