Here at Printsome, we’re usually in the business of printing T-shirts for other people but today we want to talk about how you can learn to do it yourself.

We can find T-shirt printing courses all over the capital. From simple screen printing workshops from fashion design graduate programs, there are countless options for those wanting to delve deeper into their passion — may it be as a hobby or professionally.

What will I learn on a T-shirt printing course?

A good T-shirt printing course should cover things like:

  • The history of printing
  • The theory
  • Techniques
  • Design tips
  • Artwork
  • How to choose inks
  • Layering colour
  • Fabrics to use

Of course, if you choose a short day course you’ll only have time to learn enough basic skills to print something (usually a T-shirt or a tote bag, though sometimes it may only be on a piece of fabric).

Why learn about T-shirt printing?

Perhaps you’re thinking of setting up your own T-shirt printing business and want to learn as much as you can. This technique isn’t only for clothing, it can be used to print on paper, wood, metal and almost any other material that you can think of.

Or you just may be a crafty person and want to learn these skills to use them in your spare time. Whether you want to learn screen printing as a hobby or as a profession, a good screen printing course will teach you all you need to know about this fascinating trade.

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Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing in One Day

Price: £65
When: 3 August 2018
What’s the deal? With so many screen printing courses, it is refreshing to see someone trying to teach the art of direct to garment printing (DTG). This workshop covers all the basics, from the best fabrics for the technique to working with a RIP software for a DTG machine.

Stencil Screen Printing – Fabric Repeat

Price: £65
When: 5 August, 8 September, 6 October, 10 November 2018
What’s the deal? This workshop will teach you how to create a repetitive pattern on a fabric using screen printing. Proving that you don’t need DTG or sublimation to create all-over printing.

Beginners Textiles Screen Printing Workshop

Price: £36 – £40
When: 18 August 2018
What’s the deal? Leanne from Lulu & Luca will teach you the basics of screen printing throughout an entire morning. For the workshop, she invites attendees to bring something that inspires them as a starting point for the process.

Tea and crafting

Price: £37.50
When: 19 August 2018
What’s the deal? Another screen printing course for beginners. This one promises to teach you how to customise any item, on top of it, they also offer unlimited tea, coffee, cake and vegan biscuits!

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Meet the Maker with Lizzie King

Price: £30
When: 23 August 2018
What’s the deal? Learn how to make groovy T-shirts with Lizzie King. She is a multidisciplinary artist that has helped create experiences for brands like Nike, Airbnb and Bestival.

Design your own T-shirt, tote or Baby Grow

Price: £30 – £90
When: Several dates (check their website for more info)
What’s the deal? If you’re in the mood to spend the summer being crafty, then this is the course for you. Brought to you by the M.Y.O. team, this workshop will be dictated at their headquarters in Borough.

Fabric Workshop at Print Club London

Price: £65
When: Different dates throughout August, September and October (check their website for more information)
What’s the deal? Print Club London has a great selection of different kinds of workshops, from a beginner’s session to a full-on corporate course. Even better, after you take one, you can officially become a Print Club member.

East London Print Makers

Price: £231 (daytime) – £200 (evening)
When: Several dates in August, September, November and December 2018 (check their website for more information)
What’s the deal? After hours of instruction, you’ll sure be able to successfully screen print a cool T-shirt by the end of this course. You can choose from a three-day daytime course or a five-session evening one. You’re going to have to be quick to reserve a spot though, as they tend to go quickly!

Intermediate T-shirt Printing Course

Price: £165
When: 1 September 2018
What’s the deal? With so many options for beginners, it is nice to see a course for those who are more experienced. This workshop has been designed for those who are already familiar with the basis of screen printing and want to delve deeper.

t-shirt printing london, screen printing

Screen Printing of Fabric – One Day Workshop

Price: £85
When: 30 September 2018
What’s the deal? This is a one-day workshop that will teach you how to screen print onto fabrics. The course works for both beginners and those who want to refresh their knowledge.

Fashion Skills: How to Mood Board

Price: £109
When: 4 – 10 October 2018
What’s the deal? This course is not directly related to T-shirts but it is still a must for anyone looking to launch their own clothing brand. A mood board is a great tool to help you define not only the style but the personality of the label, as well.

Note: If you don’t feel like taking the course, you can also read the blog post we wrote about creating mood boards.

Thames-Side Print Studio

Price: £180 (£250 for two people)
When: 13 – 14 October 2018
What’s the deal? This is one of the largest open access printing studios in all of London. They run courses on any sort of print you’d like, which of course includes lots of screen printing techniques. If you really find you like printing, you’ll be able to expand your print technique repertoire here, too.

Experimental Screen Printing for Textiles

Price: £259
When: 1 January – 19 February 2019
What’s the deal? City Lit has over 5,000 courses in Covent Garden — not all of them dedicated to T-shirt printing, naturally, but they do have a large selection of different fashion-related sessions available! You can learn skills ranging from the essentials to more specific things like how to expose your photos correctly so they look good as a print.

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T-shirt Printing at UAL

Price: Depends on the course
When: All year long
What’s the deal? The University of the Arts London offers all kinds of courses — short and bachelors — related to fashion. From the basics of printing to how to create a fashion sketchbook, there’s something for every kind of designer in their catalogue.

Georgia Bosson – Screen Printing Workshops

Price: £45 or £90 depending on the course
When: Upon request
What’s the deal? Bosson is an artist specialised in printing that teaches workshops on several venues around London. Her courses are flexible, allowing you to pick different times, dates and even organise a crafty get together with friends and family

Screen Printing Beginners Workshop

Price: £300 for the whole group (5 people tops)
When: Upon request
What’s the deal? This beginners course can be on paper or fabric, whichever the student decides. Each participant will leave with five prints each.

Note: Keep reading about screen printing and other popular printing techniques here.

Wicked Printing Studd

Price: Courses start at £120 and go all the way up to £420
When: Different dates depending on the course (check their website for more information)
What’s the deal? These guys have a range of different courses so that no matter what your level of screen printing knowledge, from very basic to a seasoned professional. They’ve also got options for class size, how long of a course you want and so on.

Beginners Screen Printing Workshop – T-shirts and Totes

Price: Sold out (unfortunately)
What’s the deal? This workshop is brought to you by Obby a platform designed to offer the best courses in London. The program has been designed for beginners and it covers the entire process from designing on Photoshop to printing on the final product.

T-shirt Printing Services in London

Thanks to our five years of experience in the T-Shirt printing industry, we are now able to cater to professional and up-and-comming designers. Printsome’s services are not only perfect for starting a clothing line but also for aiding an already stablished brand.

From the moment you get in touch, one of our printing experts in either London will answer all of your questions and find efficient solutions to your needs. It is our mission to help you reach your goals.

We ship all over the UK with flexible delivery services that can adapt to most deadlines. Fast T-shirt printing has never been this easy. Need to to print in bulk? We got you covered. Why worry about inventory or logistics when we can take care of that? To find out more, simply visit our website by clicking on the banner below.


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