Social commerce? An infographic explains it

This infographic aims to provide details about exactly what social commerce is, why it is so popular, and the main platforms that use this type of online selling system.

Social Commerce is really a natural progression – the way that the web and online shopping have progressed, it was only a matter of time before social networks started teaming up with eCommerce platforms – this, in essence, is what social commerce is. Several different social media platforms since their inception have developed means of selling products and services.

Notable platforms that facilitate social commerce include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook has been the biggest promoter of social commerce and has a myriad of features such as the buy button, event ticket sales, Facebook marketplace and most recently, the promotion of eBay daily deals.

Facebook has been the biggest promoter of social commerce and has a myriad of features such as the buy button…

Other social networks are slowly following suit and we are seeing an increase in social commerce functions such as Instagram’s Shop Now feature. We are even seeing a reversal of roles as commerce platforms take to social media.

For example, Amazon launched its own social media platform in 2017. In terms of market share, Facebook and YouTube are the leaders with a high percentage of sales and the other social media platforms still have a lot of catching up to do.

The statistics proving the importance and benefit of social commerce are overwhelming as you will see in the infographic. A high percentage of customers, for example, have said that social media can influence what they buy, and that customer service through social media is a fantastic tool.

Surprisingly enough, statistics also show that the highest users of social commerce are actually 35-44 year-olds despite the fact that this is not the most common age group for actual social media use!

To learn more about social commerce, the infographic below provides an array of detailed facts and statistics for your benefit:

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