Have you ever wondered which brand is the king (or queen) of Social Media?

I know you have, and anyone who likes marketing/advertising/communication has. In the last 10 years we all have seen how social networks have drastically changed the world, the way we act, interact and more importantly how we communicate.  Sometimes it’s good to stand still in time and turn your head back to have a look at what has happened in the last few years, and if we do it right now… bloody hell, have we changed that much?

Yes mate, we have. I’m sure I know the answer that your parents or grandparents would give you if you asked them what they could do in a decade. ‘Not too much young boy! Time flies and 10 years is nothing!’ At least that’s what my grandma would tell me… until now.

Because we (human beings) have basically changed everything in almost no time,  if you are inspecting it from a holistic perspective, that is. Guys, have you ever stopped to realise that Facebook was founded 14 years ago? 1.44 billions of monthly active thumb ups… since 2004. Do you even remember that their worldwide famous like was created six years ago? Sure you didn’t, because neither did I. And it’s not only that, Youtube was launched in 2005, Twitter a year later, Pinterest in 2010 and Google Plus, and Snapchat in 2011… And they seem they’ve been around for way longer time.

This “new” panorama, a completely connected world, modified almost everything. Not only how we build relationships between each other, but also how we keep in touch. Considering this, it’s pretty obvious it only needed some time for marketers to take advantage of these tools in order to sell more (or how we call it now, get some brand awareness, reputation, community prestige…).

Best Brands on Social Media

So coming back to the present, assuming everything commented above and knowing that nowadays more than 15 millions business are using Facebook with commercial proposes,  and about 97% of top brands use Twitter or an upwards than 88% of the brands in the world will use Social Media Networks in 2015 to interact with their communities, a question comes to my mind: Who the heck is the Boss? Who rules? Who sits on the Iron Throne of Social Media? Definitively… Which brand is the best on Social Media?

It’s surely a pretty good and interesting question, but mate, how would you find it out? That enquiry was in our minds for a while at Printsome and we finally came up with a solution! The Social Media Champions League (inspired by, obviously, the Football Champions League).

Summarising, we just chose a bunch of the most famous brands on the world and matched them against other similar ones… Number of likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, subscribers on Youtube, engagement ratio… It won’t be an easy tournament, but the champion can satisfyingly assert they are undoubtedly the masters of Social Media and are allowed to rock the world! So… Which brand is the best on Social Media?

So sit back, relax, get your own printed football shirt for the occasion and enjoy the competition.

Which Brand is the best on Social Media

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