Over the last few years, event management has come into the limelight where numerous individuals are jumping into this field. It’s a well-known fact that being an event planner is an extremely gratifying job; however, it’s also immensely distressing, simultaneously. Numerous individuals think about how event planners appear to be so calm whenever havoc strikes. Part of being an event planner is demonstrating grace, leadership skills and not giving into chaos and holding you’re cool.

No doubt this field has proved to be a goldmine for those who acquire the perfect skill set for this task and it also promises lucrative returns if you play your cards right. If you’re hoping to become an event manager then you should probably read through this article first.


In the field of event management or planning, good communication is the key to win at your work. Here’s how:

  • Share your thoughts and your vision straightforwardly with your group.
  • Convey on a level that is not disrespectful or demeaning to anybody.
  • Try not to talk down to anybody, paying little mind to their part.  
  • Acknowledge feedback and be interested in new thoughts, everybody has their part and it eventually prompts your prosperity.


When you work together with various individuals, things can run astray or change with a minute’s notification. Being inflexible won’t work in such cases. Event planners should be adaptable: either move with the tide or change course quickly. One of the greatest difficulties confronted by event planners is to make stunning encounters regardless of steady irregularities.

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Customer skills

You can be as sharp and composed as you want, yet in the event that you neglect your client, you will probably lose customers which in turn will negatively influence your reputation. This quality is major on the grounds that your customer has a verifiable force that is crucial to an event planner is their word of mouth. Your customer has customers and those customers have customers etc. If you offer amazing services to them the word will spread rapidly to various individuals and those individuals can all get to be customers of yours.

A set frame of mind

Many people feel that with regards to event management, having an image in mind applies for the most part of event design; however, in truth, this applies to a unified whole of the occasion. Vision in event planning incorporates having the capacity to see all the different components of an event: meeting up, including the event topic, focused on guests, venue, city, outline/stylistic theme, speakers, entertainment, food, sponsors… the rundown continues endlessly. What’s more? The key here is having a vision that conveys on what the guests expect.

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A strong personality

You’re going to have many people working under you and besides you, if you decide it’s time to open your own event management business.  What they need to see is a leader someone who’s always handing out pieces of advice and has a floor plan set. Be it event planning or any other business in the world employees need to see an authoritative figure, someone who can be a role model for them or someone whom they can follow. It inspires the employees to work even harder when they see how dedicated you are.

So, a piece of advice:’Never seem laid back in front of your employees. NEVER!’

Extra Tip:

 Here’s something that’s slightly off topic but may prove to help you. What customers love to see is unity or how quickly your workers respond to them in an actual live event. So the tiniest things make a difference such as how many waiters are at the bar or how politely they offer valet services and so on. It’s important that all of them work in uniformity and what better way to attain that than getting them a creative uniform, something that would give your organization a professional touch like the icing on a cake. All organizations have their dress codes, for example some have their employees wear white suits and some may have them wear a tuxedo. So think outside the box have all your waiters wear some customized letterman jacket that represents your firm.

Note: This is a Guest Post courtesy of our friend Shawn Stevenson!

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