Hundreds of half-sober people with low inhibitions and no qualms about spending? Night clubs can be a marketer’s dream!

But this is not your usual advertising game. When promoting at an after-hours locale one must mix business with pleasure and one of those tactics is the good ol’ faithful themed party. Why do people like dressing up? It’s a question as old as man himself. Some suggest that when we look different we allow ourselves to act differently — maybe even chase some hidden fantasies that we can’t pursue on our day-to-day lives.

Once upon a time this meant Venetian masks and dramatic capes a-la Eyes wide shut, but today (mostly for budget reasons) this usually means a personalised T-shirt party! I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one, but they’re way better than a standard night out at your local disco.

The best selection of t-shirt party ideas!

First, it’s an excellent way to break the ice. Second, as attire becomes casual, so do attitudes, meaning people feel more laid-back and ready to party — and consume!

Unfortunately, most venues don’t organise T-shirt parties and I for one, can’t figure out why. It seems like a no brainer — it’s a fun, inexpensive way to promote just about anything. So why don’t you dare to be different and give your customers a night to remember? Why not throw a party and get everyone talking?

Here are some ideas to get the party started:

#12 Glow night

Does your club have black lights that make things glow in the dark? If you do, take full advantage and host a glow party — complete with a special glow-in-the-dark design tees, of course! You’ll want something that will look great under the lights, so team up with a designer who knows what they’re doing and maybe give things a trial run before you go. Club goers will get a fun surprise when they see what their tees look like in the dark.




#11 Birthday package party

Give everyone at the private birthday party a free T-shirt with a nice design or memorable quote on it. Try to get them to all put the tees on for a photo, then upload it to your social media channels. Groups of people having fun while wearing tees for your club is a great way to promote your venue as the place to be!

You could do something similar for VIP guests at your club, thus making your tees coveted and something exclusive to be had, as well as making your VIPs feel even more VI!




#10 Battle of the bands

Organise a night of live music with local bands. Print T-shirts with the bands’ names, your club logo and the date of the event on them and hand them around. Quick and easy marketing for everyone. Win-win situation! If you get a cool designer to do a true rock-and-roll logo, chances are good people will wear them afterwards too — in other words, give you free publicity.




#9 Design a cocktail

Host a contest to design a custom cocktail just for your nightclub. The winner gets their own exclusive cocktail on the menu and promotional T-shirts are printed advertising it. These can be used as giveaways, or to celebrate the release of a new drinks menu.




#8 Neon paint party

While not exactly “clean” fun, a paint party is nearly a guaranteed way to have a good night. You’ll have to make extra-sure you have an area you can have one of these parties, where paint is flung around by staff on top of crowds of revellers to give their shirts a one-of-a-kind party tie-dyed look. Use neon glow-in-the-dark paint and tell people to wear black. Of course, you can provide the black tees with information about your club, that would be even better, wouldn’t it? (Hint, hint!)

A variation on this theme would to be a Holi party, where you throw colourful powder that sticks to clothing (and skin, and hair — just about everything). You’d just have to tell people to wear white instead of black! Make sure anything you buy in both cases is non-toxic.




#7 The traffic light game

Everyone comes to the party wearing a red, green or yellow T-shirt. The colours indicate the person’s relationship status: Green means they’re single, red means they’re taken and yellow means “it’s complicated”. Either have guests purchase the branded garments on the venue’s website for a very low price or include them in the entrance fee.




#6 T-shirt bingo

Get your T-shirts designed with a sort of bingo card on the back (and, may we suggest, your club logo on the front?). Then, have them race around the club doing different challenges to complete the bingo. Have some staff on hand with markers, stickers or pins to add to the tee when a guest completes a challenge. And, of course, offer the first one to complete the challenge a prize!




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#5 Sports viewing parties

A perfect way to get bums on seats and beers in bellies. Sell tickets and T-shirts for the next big sports championship and show them live on a large screen. Fans love to wear garments in the colours of their favourite team, regardless if they’re in a stadium or sitting on a couch. Get some tees done in your local team’s colours, and consider offering drink and food specials during the big match, too.




#4 Black tie tee night

Some people love getting all dressed up for a night on the town – but others might prefer to just throw on a T-shirt! Create T-shirts that have a silly fancy design on them that references an actual black tie night and give them away to guests (don’t forget to include your logo somewhere on there). Then, inside the club you could pair the tees with a James Bond theme.




#3 Throw a frozen T-shirt competition

A great way to cool down on a hot summer night. Grab a few T-shirts with your logo on them, get them soaking wet and put them inside the refrigerator for a few hours (let the kitchen staff know what you’re doing). Then later that night, pick 5 or 6 competitors. When you say,‘go’ they have to put the chilly T-shirts on. Messy, but so much fun to watch!

Of course, let them keep the tees as a souvenir afterwards, and consider throwing a few more out to the crowd.




#2 Complete the quote

Get all club staff to wear a T-shirt with an unfinished sentence. Nightclub guests enter a competition to finish the quote and the winner gets a bunch of freebies including a garment with the complete saying. It could be something about your club, or just something that you like.




#1 The tacky Christmas…T-shirt!

The tacky Christmas jumper party is a tradition by now. But who wants to get all hot and sweaty in a club? Instead, throw a tacky Christmas T-shirt night. You could run a competition for tackiest design ahead of time, or have supplies on hand for partygoers to add their own bit of festive poor taste to their tees for the first 100 guests.



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