London, UK: You might think that T-shirt printing isn’t the most exciting of industries. Well, you’d be wrong; T-shirt printing certainly has its moments.

And we know that we have to say that, but it does. We don’t just mean because we hang around all day drinking cups of tea, listening to funky music and providing awesome customer service to all you people looking for T-shirt printing.

What’s really cool about the t-shirt printing industry is that it allows us at Printsome to cross into all sorts of different workplaces.

From printing T-shirts for really cool marketing campaigns in London to providing T-shirts for innovative UK advertisers, all the way through to providing T-shirts for merchandising purposes to athletes, musicians and performers.

One of those came to the fore this weekend as UFC fighter Luke Barnatt, complete with recent T-shirt printing from Printsome, stepped into the ring in Manchester.

He didn’t just step into the ring either, he owned it – we like to think the t-shirt printing provided by us helped!

Here’s how his fight went, as per

“Middleweights Andrew Craig and Luke Barnett each earned Fight of the Night honours with their two-round chaotic affair. Barnatt, 25, pumped his jab the entire first round, but close to the end of the frame drilled Craig, 27, with a one-two combination that sent the American reeling.

Barnatt, however, failed to capitalize and Craig was able to make it to the second frame. The Brit would not be held back, though, and used an uppercut to rock Craig again. As the American tried to recover, Barnett landed a hip toss where he was able to secure back control and eventually a rear naked choke 2:12 of the second round.”

So there you have it, an example of when t-shirt printing leads to us pursuing an interest in something such as UFC fighting: well done Luke!

Services for T-shirt Designers

Thanks to our five years of experience in the T-Shirt printing industry, we are now able to cater to professional and up-and-coming designers. Printsome’s services are not only perfect for starting a clothing line but also for aiding an already established brand.

From the moment you get in touch, one of our printing experts in either London or Glasgow will answer all of your questions and find efficient solutions to your needs. It is our mission to help you reach your goals.

We ship all over the UK with flexible delivery services that can adapt to most deadlines. Fast T-shirt printing has never been this easy. Need to print in bulk? We got you covered. Why worry about inventory or logistics when we can take care of that? To find out more, simply visit our website by clicking on the banner below.

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