If you’re someone who has ever worn a T-shirt, which you most likely are, you know that it can either fit perfectly and look great, or can be an uncomfortable eyesore. Everyone has a favourite T-shirt that they wear way more often than they should, and select other shirts that are worn regularly while the others gather dust in the closet.

As you may know, there are websites out there that are all about the T-shirt review. Doing a little bit of research before buying a shirt online can help you to avoid buying those unfortunate T-shirts that never leave the wardrobe. In this day and age, every pound should be spent wisely. In order to help you to do so in the T-shirt world, here are some websites that tell you everything you need to know about your favourite shirts.


Tee Review is known to give extremely honest reviews of T-shirts of all kinds. The man behind the website is Alan Watchhorn, also known as Rude Retro, and he will not hesitate to call out a company if their product is not up to his standards. The site has in-depth reviews and pictures, along with Rude Retro’s personal opinion on the design and product. It is a great site to visit if you are looking for a shirt and want to hear an unbiased opinion about the fit and design.

Hide Your Arms

For those interested in getting into the indie clothing world, Hideyourarms is a great place to see some options. They showcase many different brands and designers and sometimes provide personal opinions from the multiple writers. The site focuses on hoodies as well as t-shirts, and will occasionally also feature mainstream pop-culture clothing. The site states that over 100,000 people visit each month, so clearly they are doing something right. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for something unique.


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Fancy T-shirts

Fancy T-shirts focuses on showcasing all the new and trendy T-shirts that come out. Recently they began doing in-depth reviews of select T-shirts, and these reviews are accompanied with multiple detailed photos of the clothing. When purchasing clothing online, sometimes it can be hard to see what it really looks like. Fancy T-shirts gives different angles and close-ups so you know exactly what your shirt will look like. The website also provides a list of coupons so you can save on your favourite T-shirt brands.

I love your T-shirt

I Love your Shirt is another site that gives extremely detailed pictures of the products they review. The worded descriptions are usually short and to the point, but the pictures make up for this. A large Twitter and Facebook following shows that the site is well kept up and people enjoy what they are doing. The site also showcases growing brands and people in the industry so you can stay up to date with the new trends. The website is in French so you may have to translate the pages to be able to read them, but regardless it is worth checking out.

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T-shirt Factory

The T-shirt Factory website mostly focuses on brands that are up and coming in the industry. They do regular spotlights on “cool t-shirts,” where they showcase and review t-shirts and lines that they feel deserve a mention. The site also informs you of deals and specials whenever they are available. Occasionally they post interviews with new designers, which are cool to check out. Give this site a try next time you want to find a fun new shirt, or just want to see what is happening in the industry.

Sometimes you just want to read about your favourite clothing brands or the people that created them. You might want to know about the lifestyle that goes along with being a t-shirt lover, or you might just be bored. T-shirt blogs are a great place for all these times.

T-shirt Magazine

The T-shirt Magazine is a great place to read about the t-shirt industry, lifestyle, and even how to start your own clothing brand. The magazine has an entire book dedicated to this fine art, which can be very helpful in a world where everyone wants to start their own brand. They do not really review T-shirts, but they do spotlight certain brands and shirts. The magazine comes out online every month, and it is definitely worth giving a look.  


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The Shirt List

The Shirt List is exactly what it sounds like; It lists cool and creative T-shirts of all types. They have a section that provides shirts that are only available for a short period of time and are usually very inexpensive. On the blog, they talk about the industry, interview designers, and talk about all things shirt related. There are also articles about the actual designing side of T-shirt making, where they describe unique and new techniques. Any and all t-shirt enthusiasts should visit The Shirt List.


Threadless deserves a mention on this list because of its popularity in the T-shirt industry. They sell all kinds of clothing, not just tees, and the clothes come in every category you could possibly think of. The blog is well done and interesting to read, and it goes beyond just t-shirts. It also talks about music, comic books, art, and general lifestyle. Threadless is great because you can buy your favourite shirt and be entertained as well.


Cottonable talks about all things t-shirt related, in addition to listing thousands of quirky and funny shirts for purchase. Many of you reading this have probably heard of the site, as they have a huge online presence. It is completely worth checking out, whether you want to find a cool new shirt or you just want to read about some things in the world of T-shirts.

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