Personalised T-shirts UKThis summer we have featured many t-shirt from amazing festivals and memorable sports events. As much as we would love to keep featuring summer events, it would be dreadful for our minds as we are heading towards autumn and we do not want to dwell in the sunny and warm past.

We recently featured an article about how the London Fashion Week will be held at the end of this week and how they will market themselves. That got me thinking what was I going to wear in the autumn and what are the latest trends. I have always admired the fashion industry, but I am one to wear more simple outfits and t-shirts. It is always interesting to see what the new trends are and how outdated mine are. I somehow have a feeling that I am not alone on this, so I thought I would look into some of the trends and see what the fashion experts say that will ‘in’ this season.

Not to worry though, I am going to feature t-shirts that are actually acceptable to wear in public and I promise any head that will turn will be in a positive manner.

So after elaborate research, I chose some of the most wearable fashion trends for autumn: blue, floral prints, and crazy prints. I know that someone of you might be like our CEO and enjoy a simpler style of t-shirts, but there is no harm in stepping out of your boundary and trying some new trends! To be honest, I used to wear mostly plain colour t-shirts but since I joined a t-shirt printing agency and have seen some of the cool designs I have recently started to have fun with what I wear.

So here is my selection, in no particular order, for this #tshirttuesday:

floral, t-shirt, blue, flowers, floral t-shirt

front pocket, t-shirt, polka dot

floral t-shirt, number t-shirt, t-shirt, floral pattern

plain blue t-shirt, autumn, t-shirt

lion t-shirt, colours, lion, t-shirt

crazy print, colours t-shirt, front pocket, t-shirt

tiger t-shirt, direct to garment, t-shirt, colours

crazy lights, direct to garment, t-shirt, crazy lights t-shirt

blue t-shirt, t-shirt- screen printing, autumn t-shirt

tiger, peace sign, t-shirt, black and white, screen printing

t-shirt, crazy pattern, multicolours,

floral print t-shirt, t-shirt, floral

floral print t-shirt, t-shirt, black and white, floral

crazy print, t-shirt, front pocket, autumn t-shirt


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