Cool Printed Shirts UK: One of everyone’s favourite past time while growing up had to be comic books and their amazing stories. I wasn’t exactly a passionate comic book reader but I was always entertained and astonished by the art and the superheroes, and that is still true to this day! Those designs don’t just stop with the comic books, the comic book superhero T-shirts are equally as awesome.

Some of my favourite superheroes include Spiderman and Batman so it is no surprise that I am fond of the movies and the TV series. I have to admit that I would spend countless hours during my Saturday mornings as my parents were deep asleep in front of the square box in the family room watching both of those guys fight crime. And I do not regret it! I always wished that I was the one that got bit by that spider or maybe a more far fetched wish was that my parents were eccentric billionaires and I lived in Wayne Manor.

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I am pleased with my childhood but how cool would it have been to shoot spider webs out of your arms?! This selection is to reminisce of the great days of comic books, which sadly has seen a noticeable decline from its golden days. As awesome as the present-day TV series and movies are, they will never be as great as the old cartoons and comic books.

Have a look at the selection and let me know what you think and which one is your favourite! There were too many superhero T-shirts (I am not complaining, I definitely enjoying scrolling through all of them) so I did my best to pick the most extraordinary ones.



Warning: You might get a bit nostalgic while scrolling through all of these comic book superhero T-shirts!


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