#T-shirt Tuesday: Gay Pride T-shirts

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Custom Printing UKThis weekend we witnessed history as Ireland became the first country in the world to approve same sex marriage by vote and we are proud to call them our neighbors! Homosexuals have been struggling to have the same marriage rights as everyone and this has been an immense step forward for them. We wanted to honour their achievement by dedicating this #t-shirttuesday to their amazing win this weekend with some of the best gay pride t-shirts!

While the nation of Ireland saw this coming from a few years back as over 70% of the population had previously voted ‘yes’ in surveys, it might have come as a shock to the rest of the world as Ireland is one of the most Catholic countries in the world; and it is widely known that the Roman Catholic church is against same sex marriage.

This should be an example to the rest of the world as a country that heavily supports Catholicism is able to put their beliefs aside and look at the human side of this disagreement and take the human decision. That’s the kind of forward thinking we appreciate in Printsome!

Now that we got the politics out of the way, lets appreciate the other aspects. It is common knowledge that most gays have a great sense of fashion, design, and humour! Those qualities can definitely be found in the following selection of gay pride t-shirts.

These t-shirts show two of the most important qualities anyone can have: pride and confidence. The shirts are a combination of showing off your pride while adding some light humour, which is what makes them that much better.

In the end, these gay pride t-shirts are a representation that we are all human and that we are all the same.

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