Custom Clothing: A new week and a new #TshirtTuesday, this time featuring MMOB, a relatively new clothing brand that has been catching on lately. Do you want to know more about them? Check out our exclusive interview and some of their favourite garments!

#TshirtTuesday: MMOB (Mining My Own Business)

MMBO t-shirt tuesday

Interviewing Junior Modest, MMOB founder

PrintsomeHey guys! Thanks a lot for letting us interview you! Even though we know each other, could you please tell everybody who you are and what your story is?

Junior: My name is Junior Modest. I am a 41-year-old male from Hackney in East London. I was born in London and my parents are from Jamaica and St Lucia. I’ve always had a love for fashion – I used to design clothes for my friends. I studied art and design in college.

Printsome: Nice, now that everyone knows a little more about you as an individual, how could you describe MMOB for someone who never heard of it? How’s it? Why is it unique? How would you describe its personality?

Junior: Because of all the negativity there is in the world we live in today, we wanted to create a brand that had a positive meaning. At MMOB we headed out to design a brand/logo that would be memorable and also have a positive message. This was especially important for us because nowadays we are constantly being bombarded with meaningless symbols that stand for nothing.

MMOB stands for Mining My Own Business. This meaning is all about reaping the rewards for your own sweat and tears and most importantly, give out a positive message that anything is achievable with the right focus and mindset. We want people to feel positive and empowered when they wear our garments whether they’re at the gym, skating, socialising or on the stage.

If our brand was a real person they would be an entrepreneur, have a positive outlook on life, a strong family bond and a lot of love to give.

Printsome: It was well explained indeed, but since we are in an age when everything tends to be simplified, could you tell me what your brand is in just three words?

Junior: Fresh, empowering and inspiring.

Printsome: Nice answer, just wondering… How long have you been selling t-shirts?

JuniorWe started Marketing out t-shirts just now when we launched our website in the last few weeks. (October 2015)

Printsome: How important is graphic design for your designs? Do you consider it vital?

Junior: The graphic design is important as the designs need to be bold and recognisable, but not too complicated. I like to work with just two colours. Sometimes less is more!!

Printsome: Tell us more about your creative process. Where do you find inspiration? 

Junior: I find inspiration in past experiences, present experiences, real issues that have an impact on our lives, travelling and music videos.

Printsome: Are you on Social Media? Where could I find you?

Junior: We are on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And next year we are going to be pulling a give-back-to-community scheme. We’ll ask people to make a design with a positive meaning and have them incorporate our logo. The winning design will go to print and be sold on our website. The winner will also receive free garments.

We do not yet have a physical store, but we would like to, one day. Especially because we are located in a market town outside of Peterborough. The town is growing quickly, but there’s nowhere to purchase clothing within 10 miles. We’ve seen a gap in the market and after conducting a market research, have concluded that there is a need for a shop. When we have the funds, we’ll look at doing this, also.

Printsome: Brilliant! Always nice to talk to you! Before you go, let’s shoot some quick questions!­

  1. Cats or Dogs?: Dogs
  2. T-shirts or Vests?: T-Shirts
  3. Sports or Video games?: Sports
  4. Coffee or Tea?: Coffee
  5. Beach or Countryside?: Beach
  6. A colour: Black
  7. A place: St Lucia
  8. A quote: “Stop dreaming your dreams, wake up and live them”.

MMOB – Featured Garments


Army tee

long sleeve shirt

M red tee

lady black tee

Navy blue snap bacck

I hope you enjoyed the article! In case you’re a t-shirt designer too and would like to see your garments featured within this list, just get in touch!

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