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Like every Tuesday, here we are again with the latest episode of our most popular series, #TshirtTuesday! Where we feature up-and-coming personalised T-shirt lines and interview the designers behind them.

This time around we bring you our first repeat offender: Samatribe! We talk with Andre again after his original brand Sambatees went through some soul searching and rebranded itself as Samatribe. If you enjoy colourful designs that celebrate all things Brazil, then this is the brand for you.

I hope you enjoy our newest #TshirtTuesday.

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#TshirtTuesday: Sambatribe

#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe

How long you’ve been designing T-shirts?
My partner and artist, Rafael Doria, has been designing T-shirts (among many other things) for about two decades.

Describe your brand in three words:
Unique. Artsy. Brazilian.

Last time we saw you, your brand was called Sambatees and now it is Sambatribe. Why the change?
We decided to get closer to our roots, Brazil. Sambatees was about music, while Sambatribe is about Brazilian lifestyle. Sambatribe T-shirts are more colorful and the graphics cover different aspects of Brazilian life, from Samba music to the flirty and bohemian lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s golden-sand beaches, “jogo bonito” soccer, great looking people, and much more. With Sambatribe we also go beyond T-shirts and offer hoodies and long-sleeves, wall art, tote bags and iPhone cases. The idea is to offer our customers different ways to represent Brazil with style and pride.

If you could design a T-shirt for anyone, who would it be?
I’d say Gisele Bündchen and Wagner Moura. Why? Because they both represent Brazil with style and pride 😉

No one thrives in isolation, so being part of different communities is key.

Are you part of a creative community? Is that something that’s important to you?
I try to connect as much as possible with other like-minded entrepreneurs, not just in the apparel and lifestyle businesses, but more generally too. No one thrives in isolation, so being part of different communities is key.

You have been doing this for a bit longer now. Is there anything new you’ve learned about the T-shirt business that you’d like to share?
One needs to find a niche. The more specific the better. This is a crowded space and your message needs to resonate well with at least a small sub-set of it.

What’s next for you?
Continue to build brand awareness for Sambatribe, establishing awesome partnerships, creating great content and, of course, keeping up with a fresh product offering.

Are you on social media? Where can we find you?
Our website is sambatribe.com, but we’re also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe

Quick round:

What have you been listening to lately?
Brazilian Rock from the 1980’s.

What have you been watching lately?
Vikings (History Channel).

What have you been reading lately?
Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck).

What food(s) have you been enjoying lately?

What have you been wearing lately?
Sambatribe! 😉

Featured garments from Sambatribe:

#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe
Carnaval Porta Bandeira Women’s T-shirt
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe Carnaval Men's T-shirt
Carnaval Men’s T-shirt
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe Tote Bag
Samba couple tote bag
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe Black T-shirt
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe Green T-shirt
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe - Woman's T-shirt
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe - Hoodie
#TshirtTuesday Sambatribe Woman's White T-shirt

For more inspiring designer stories and cool T-shirts, don’t forget to catch us next week on a brand new edition of #TshirtTuesday.

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