#T-shirt Tuesday: Scary Movie T-shirts

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Custom Printing UK: Scary movie t-shirts are clearly not to be worn year-round. They are saved for when the time is right so family and strangers don’t get the wrong idea about you. I always enjoyed scary movies and I will admit to having a couple scary movie t-shirts that I thought were entertaining or funny around the house. They are not my first choice when going out but I still wear them from time to time when appearance isn’t essential.

Something about October makes watching scary movies seem more inviting than other times of the year. It’s just not the same watching these movies during a warm summer night or a cold winter day. The weather during this month and the overall atmosphere makes it the best time of the year to spend a night watching a scary movie at home.

The big question now is: Which one of the great scary movies to watch? I know it can be difficult to make a decision with so many great choices! The selection for this #tshirttueday will be made up of the best and scariest movies (at least in my humble opinion). My opinion towards these movies comes from previous experience and how I reacted while watching them. Yes, that includes me, calmly and in the comfort of my home, repeatedly telling them to not go in there, warning them that he is behind you, or just putting down their awful idea of going into that dark corridor or stairwell. After going through a vast amount of scary movies, I have come to the conclusion that they just don’t make them like they used to. These movies are classics for a reason.

I was going to put them in some sort of scary order, but it was too difficult to rank them. Nevertheless, ENJOY!


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Nightmare on Elm Street

nightmare on elm street, nightmare on elm street t-shirt, freddy krueger, freddy krueger t-shirt, halloween, scary

nightmare on elm street, nightmare on elm street t-shirt, freddy krueger t-shirt, scary movie t-shirt

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, friday the 13th t-shirt, jason, jason t-shirt, hockey mask t-shirt


jaws, jaws t-shirt, vintage jaws t-shirt, scary movie, scary movie t-shirt

jaws, jaws t-shirt, amity island t-shirt, scary movie t-shirt,


alien movie t-shirt, face hugger t-shirt, alien, face hugger, screen printing


psycho t-shirt, psycho, psycho movie t-shirt, black and white,


scream, scream t-shirt, scream stab t-shirt, stab t-shirt,

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

texas chainsaw massacre, texas chainsaw massacre t-shirt, leatherface t-shirt, leatherface

texas chainsaw massacre, texas chainsaw massacre t-shirt, leatherface, leatherface and chainsaw, leatherface t-shirt

The Shining

the shining, the shining t-shirt, the shining twins, the shining twins t-shirt

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