“Cornwall, peopled mainly by Celts, but with an infusion of English blood, stands and always has stood apart from the rest of England.”

— Sabine Baring-Goul, Anglican priest, on Cornwall

Yes, we agree with old Sabine – Cornwall is a pretty special place. That’s why our latest line of British city inspired T-shirts has taken us to Kernow, or Cornwall as you may know it. Kernow is actually the name for the county in Cornish, which makes up one ingredient in our line of tees this week.

But there’s more to this beautiful place than just a unique language. One of the most special things about Cornwall is the lovely weather; it’s home to the sunniest and mildest climate in the entire UK! Combine that with some truly spectacular beaches and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a hub of chilled-out surfers hitting the waves of the Cornish coast year-round.

That’s what brings us to “Surfers, Sunshine & Sayings”, our T-shirt line inspired by Cornwall’s culture and heritage. Settle in with a Cornish pasty or a scone with Cornish clotted cream for the full effect.

Note: Just a reminder, we don’t sell these. We just design them for fun. If you’d like to own something similar, get in touch and we may be able to help you.

Surfers, Sunshine & Sayings: A T-shirt line inspired by Cornwall

Aright, my ‘ansum

Whether you’re greeting a friend or meeting someone for the first time, it’s always nice to ask how they are — and this is how it’s done Cornish-style.

Aright my ansum - Cornwall T-shirts

Wasson shag?

Another useful greeting term, this roughly translates to ‘Hello, how are you?’ Which phrase do you think sounds better?

Wasson shag - Cornwall T-shirts

Giss on!

What you’re saying can’t possibly be true — giss on!

Giss On - Cornwall T-shirt

Thasit me lover, geddon me cock!

Be careful about who you say this one to, as it could be taken in a very different way! What it means in Cornwall is something like ‘We’ve done it, great job’. What it means elsewhere may land you a restraining order, or at the very least earn you a slap.

that's me lover - Cornwall T-shirts

Teasy as n’adder

Much like you would with the poisonous snake, you’ll also want to stay away from your friend if they’re feeling like this. It means they’re not in a good mood.

Teasy as an adder - Fictional Design

Ya gate bleddy tuss!

If you’re teasing a friend, he might respond with this to tell you you’re being an idiot.

Ya greet bloody tuss - Cornwall T-shirts

I’m rufazrats

This phrase is often muttered on Saturday or Sunday mornings – and people use it when they aren’t feeling very well (perhaps due to a large number of drinks down at the local the night before).

I'm rufazrats - Cornwall T-shirts

Pally widden, wazza?

Is this person a friend of yours? That’s what this person would like to know.

Pally Widden - Cornwall T-shirts


Though this is the Cornish pronunciation of ‘directly’, it doesn’t mean quite the same thing all of the time. When you ask a friend how long will it take her to arrive, she might say she’ll be there ‘dreckly’. She might not actually be on her way, but she’ll be there when she’s there.

Dreckly - Cornwall T-shirts


Tourists! Well, some of them are at least. This word is actually for the annoying kind of visitors who always seem to be walking or driving at the slowest pace humanly possible. Visit Cornwall, but don’t be an emmet!

Emmet - Cornwall T-shirts

How did you like our Cornish T-shirts? If you’d like to see some of our other collections, why not pop in and visit Belfast, Southampton or Cardiff?

Text: Jessica Bowler
Designs: Hayley Cantor

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