#T-shirtTuesday: Hipster T-shirts

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There has been a trend going around lately, that nobody’s really sure where it originated, or more importantly why it has come to be. But it has been taking over young souls everywhere, making them grow out their facial hair and start wearing very unconventional custom clothing and some truly interesting printed t-shirts. That trend is none other than the Hipster!

With their creative minds and their extravagant sense of style, there really is nothing that they haven’t thought about and tried. I know, I have seen some fascinating clothing choices. But apart from their amusing styles, one thing that they seem to get fairly right is their t-shirts. Hipster t-shirts are always very creative and suitable for almost anyone, whether they truly like the printed shirts or just feel like wearing something with a more creative and cheeky side.

You can tell if a hipster t-shirt is it includes one of following: a mustache, some sort of rare animal, a weird sentence, or if it has the infamous hipster glasses. Those are usually the three traits that any and all hipster t-shirts share. Then of course, you have the ones that hipsters truly hunt far and low to find, which are usually more entertaining than the common ones.

As much as hipsters are mocked and ridiculed for their fashion style, they do end up serving as inspiration for a lot of us; maybe not everything they are wearing, but the t-shirts and some other garments do. I actually admire them for having the confidence to try some of the styles I have witnessed. I wouldn’t be able to dress myself like that with that same type of self-assurance.

But enough talk about hipsters, and let’s actually admire some of their cool hipster t-shirts that do deserve a spot in your wardrobe! Enjoy!

hipster with beard t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

real men love cats t-shirt, real men t-shirt, cats t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

adolf hipster t-shirt, adolf hipster, hipster t-shirt

hipster stromtroopers t-shirt, stromtoopers t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

kanye west t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

lion t-shirt, hipster lion t-shirts, hipster t-shirt

lunar geometry t-shirt, geometry t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

hipster cat t-shirt, hipster cat, hipster t-shirt

hipster collie t-shirt, collie t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

yellow hipster t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

brut t-shirt, hipster t-shirt

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