For most people, wearing a personalised T-shirt is just that, wearing a personalised T-shirt. For others (and I proudly include myself on that list) it’s an alternative and unique way to express ourselves, to speak out loud without even saying a word.

I know we’ve previously featured other creative T-shirts before, but I still don’t want to miss the opportunity to show you just how amazing quotes on tees can look… and how much they could teach you, too!

I love to lose myself in markets like the ones around Camden and Covent Garden, just flying over like a curious bee trying to locate “The Next Big T-shirt” (and finally getting one that makes me laugh). Still I understand it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Garments with sayings on them are either loved or hated. There’s no in between.

No one will never ignore them! And that’s basically why these are so awesome.

You may not understand why they are so important for some folks, but I’m telling you they really are. Have you never seen those nerdy TV shows like Big Bang Theory or Silicon Valley? Sheldon Cooper, for example, is the perfect spokesperson for these group of people… but in a more intelligent (and annoying) way.

There’s so much you can say with a T-shirt, from being sarcastic and teaching something to supporting a cause. Don’t miss the chance to be and express yourself every single day! Check out the examples below to see what I’m talking about. I promise you you’ll like to wear more than one!

Now, less saying and more wearing!



















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