Help us Find the Ugliest Christmas Jumper and WIN £100!

It is finally the holiday season and everyone is excited about getting some time off work and school, being showered by presents, and eating delicious home made food. But there has been a tradition that has been growing as the years go by: wearing ugly Christmas jumpers!

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Posted by Printsome on Thursday, 10 December 2015


The origin of this fad is quite unknown, but the trend can be traced back to Bill Cosby and his consistent use of ugly sweaters and hipsters’ love for unconventional clothing and weird printed jumpers.

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While my guess is that Bill Cosby never intended for his tacky and poor choice of sweaters to start what is now a holiday tradition that brings out more smiles than his cheesy jokes, I will give more credit to the hipster for making Christmas more fun with this fashion trend.

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While this trend made its first big appearance in the early 2000s, with Vancouver claiming to be the birthplace of the first ugly sweater party in 2002, it has only recently seen a big surge in the movement as the trend has reached stores such as H&M and Nordstrom.

The possibilities for ugly Christmas jumpers are endless as there are no limits to how ugly (or amazing?) the sweaters can be. I have seen everything from lights with patterns to reindeers in interesting positions, and I can honestly say I have not seen two alike!

With that said, that is why we are holding a special contest solely for the purpose of finding the ugliest Christmas sweater out there. We want to see how creative people can get and how bad (or great?) Christmas jumpers can be. You don’t have to own the jumper that you upload; it just has to be your favourite ugly jumper that you have seen. For just that, we will award the ugliest jumper a 100£ voucher from us, so you can print more ugly sweaters, or a 100$ voucher to Threadless so you can pick whatever garments you want!

Don’t worry, this is all very simple! Just click here to enter your details (so we can let you know if you win) and upload the sweater you think could be the king of all ugly Christmas jumpers!

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