Is there a big company event coming up soon? Are you worried about where to start? If you’re new to this task, the pressure to get it right could be keeping you up at night.

The UK events sector is no small fry. It’s a £39 billion industry, according to recent stats from the Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP). From conferences and corporate meetings to trade fairs and exhibitions, these events are now a major aspect of any business. However, it’s no secret that event-planning takes time, knowledge and patience.

There are many viable reasons that a company could decide to outsource this task. Doing so means that a team of experts takes control of the project, leaving your staff members to focus on what they do best – their core roles.  What’s more, choosing to work with an events agency also means that the stress of the event doesn’t burden your team and that you can stick to a static budget.

Of course, if you’ve never worked with an agency before, you’ll need to know where to start. From the inception of the idea to the event itself, there are a few things you will need to take care of. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the tips to hire agencies that you can use when you get started. Here’s what you need to know.

Approach a variety of agencies

Variety is the spice of life! Since it’s your first time working with an events agency, you won’t have any contacts to fall back on. For that reason, you’re going to need to do some research and figure out which company suits your needs. It’s worth looking for agencies who already work with companies in your industry. These particular event organisers will have a secure grasp on what it takes to pull off a successful event in your sector.

One of the best tips to hire agencies effectively is to do your research. Many companies will include a list of case studies on their main page. By looking at these individual studies, you can gain an insight into what you can expect from your event. It’s a quick trick, but it could make all the difference! Why not give it a go?

Tips to hire agencies
Look for an agency that has experience working with companies like yours.

Have a brief outline proposal

Needless to say, when you start speaking with a representative of the events agency, you’re going to need some information. Plan ahead and ensure that you’ve created a brief proposal. You don’t have to go into great depth here. Simply outline what the purpose of the event is, when it will take place and how many attendees you expect. The idea is to introduce the agency staff to the idea so that they can work their magic.

Discuss your budget and needs

Let’s talk money! The events agency will need to understand your budget before they can accept the project. Before approaching them, you should have spoken to your finance department or manager to iron this out. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing an event is the fact that the agency will stick to your given budget. That means that you don’t need to stress out about overspending. The agency staff will let you know what is and is not possible within your financial means.  

Trust the agency staff’s expertise

If you’re used to taking control of things, this next step could be a tricky one. You have to trust the agency staff’s expertise and skill set. When you have given them an outline and had your initial talks, it’s time to hand over the reins and let them do their thing. Planning the event is no longer your responsibility. And, breathe! When we talk about the best tips to hire agencies, we need to ensure that we are ready to relinquish some control.

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Suggest creative ideas

Are you a creative thinker with a wealth of ideas? If your innovative thoughts keep you up at night, you may want to share them. That’s okay. The brilliant thing about working with an events agency is the fact that they can turn your ideas into reality. Whenever you come up with a way to improve the event itself, reach out to the team and let them know! They will soon tell you whether the idea will work and help you move it forward.

Tap into their connections

Did you know that working with an events agency could save you money? It’s true. Since agency staff members are seasoned professionals, they will have a range of connections on their roster. The good news is that you can tap into their address book. From catering companies to decorators, you will find that the team already has the inside scoop on who to approach. That means that you get the best possible deal when you work with them, which could save your business some pennies!

Tips to hire agencies.
Agencies not only organise, they also have an extensive list of contacts and suppliers.

Ask for help with promoting

When the team has pinned down the final details and the planning is almost over, there’s another task that needs attention. Promoting a business event is a massive job and not one that anybody should take lightly. Luckily, since you’ve chosen to outsource your event planning, you can also outsource this part of the process. Talk to the agency team and explain your needs when it comes to promotion. They will help you along the way.

Of course, different types of events call for different marketing campaigns. If you’re working with an agency that has a marketing department, they will be able to give you all the advice and support that you need. In some cases, you may also find that the agency takes full responsibility for the promotions as well. For instance, they may launch a social media campaign, take care of the PR and run adverts in industry publications.

Let the team troubleshoot issues

Last-minute obstacles are inevitable. Regardless of how intricate the plan is, there’s a real chance that something will crop up when you least expect it. Don’t panic. When you outsource the event management, you don’t have to deal with these issues directly. The agency team will have contingency plans for pretty much every possible problem. That means that all you have to do is sit back and let them handle things. Allowing them to troubleshoot any problems means that you have the freedom to enjoy the event.


Ready to get started? Now that you know the tricks and tips to hire agencies, you should find it super easy to begin. With any luck, we have demystified the entire area and made things as clear as possible. It’s important to note that each agency is unique and will have their own systems in place. When you reach out to one of these companies, allow the team to guide you through the process. Having their experts on hand is sure to make planning and hosting your next event a total breeze!

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