Once relegated to just another American tradition that we didn’t understand like Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl, Halloween is now celebrated by millions of people in the UK — eclipsing the more traditional Guy Fawkes day. Just in 2016, we spent £310 million on costumes, candies and decorations. We suspect that in 2017 expenses will only get higher.

Even though Halloween is not a British tradition, we enjoy it quite a bit here at Printsome. Every year, we throw a fancy dress party where we’re always impressed by our coworkers’ creativity (or lack thereof). We once had someone simply write ‘404 error’ on a white T-shirt with a black marker. Genius or lazy? You be the judge.

If you’ll be assisting a fancy dress party this year and need help coming up with ideas, here’s a list of some of what we think could be the best costumes for Halloween this year.

20 – Any character from ‘Persona 5’

When the long-awaited sequel to this video game was finally released, it received high praise not only for its gameplay but also the art style. This JRPG offers a lot of costume opportunities for both men and women since they all the characters wear such flashy and cool clothes in both their ‘civilian’ and ‘persona’ versions. Personally, I’d go with the first since it’ll be easier to pull off. You could buy the official school uniform, which will set you back ¥28,080 (£186,50) or simply find a white turtleneck, a black blazer and a pair of oversized glasses. The following image comes from cosplayer Kamiyaa on DeviantArt.


Halloween 2017, cosplay, akira, persona 5


19 – The late Vine

2017 was the year that said goodbye to the six-second-video platform and some are still mourning its loss. To show your respects, you could show up to your Halloween party dressed up as the service itself. It’s always tricky to dress up as something intangible like software but when people get creative, the results can be awesome. If you can’t come up with an original idea, you can always repurpose the Instagram costume for Vine. It’s been seen before but it still works and it lends itself for good pictures.


halloween 2017, Vine, costume idea


18 – Anything from ‘The Great British Bake Off’

You could pick one of the judges, either Mel, Sue Paul or the latest addition Noel. Of course, the contestants are also up for grabs. For example, Candice with her black lipstick, Ruby and her curly hair, or Iain with his long hipster beard. OR, how about this, you could also go as one of the cakes themselves.

* Find the dog costume here.


Halloween 2017, costume ideas, The Great British Bake Off


17 – Boris Johnson

Shaggy blonde wig, suit and maybe some red powder on your cheeks and you’re done! If you want to go full method, you could also ad a helmet and two Union Jacks to recall the zip-line incident.



16 – Wonder Woman

It had to be on the list, didn’t it? A word of advice, though, because of the movie everyone and their mother is going as Wonder Woman this Halloween. If this doesn’t bother you, then you’re in luck because you’ll be able to find all kinds of options and for all types of budgets (from £12 to £140 or more).


wonder woman, halloween 2017, costume


15 – Harry Styles

Even though he’s now rocking a shorter hairdo, Styles is mostly known for his long, shaggy hair. If you want to dress up as him for Halloween, all you’ll need is a long, brunette wig (preferable if it’s greasy), skinny jeans and a bunch of temporary tattoos.



14 – Distracted Boyfriend

This one is easy, in theory. First, you’ll need a plaid short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. But how would you convey the meme? The first option would be to convince two of your girlfriends to dress like the girls in the picture. And if that’s not possible, you can always get creative with cardboard cutouts or — blow up dolls?


halloween 2017, costume idea, distracted boyfriend meme


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13 – Taylor Swift

After a brief (too brief) hiatus, Swift came back this year with a new album to reclaim her… reputation? What was that marketing campaign about? Anyway, in her latest video ‘Look what you made me do’ there are lots of options for a fancy dress. Personally, I’d go with the zombie look and to really knock it out of the park, you can always convince two of your friends to go as Kanye and Kim only for you to chase them around trying to eat their brains.


taylor swift zombie, halloween 2017, costume idea


12 – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

Donald Trump is so 2016. If you want to stand out this year, pick a different world leader. How about the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro? Hitler moustache, suit and a sash with the Venezuelan flag and you’re good to go. You can always ask someone to throw you a mango to make it even more genuine.


nicolas maduro, halloween 2017, costume ideas


11- Lady Gaga

Fortunately for those who want to go as Lady Gaga for their Halloween party, her style is not as glamorous as it used to be. Lately, we’ve been seeing her mostly in black T-shirts and jean shorts. It’s her new ‘uniform’ as she states in her Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two. You can always add the pink Joanne hat for easier recognition.


Lady gaga, halloween 2017, costume idea


10 – Any character from ‘Splatoon’

Splatoon is a Nintendo game where a bunch of squid/humanoid kids fight for territory by painting their surroundings. This title is perfect for Halloween because there are plenty of colourful, edgy characters to choose from. The most difficult part of the costume would be the tentacles, but luckily, we have YouTube tutorials for that.



9 – Baby Driver

Played by Ansel Elgort, Baby is the suave American hero archetype that James Dean became famous for back in the day. In order to emulate his coolness, you’ll need a varsity jacket, a pair of sunglasses and a white T-shirt — oh, and don’t forget the Apple earphones! Just don’t use them while you’re driving in real life. That’s extremely dangerous.


halloween 2017, baby driver, costume idea


8 – Kendall Jenner (Pepsi Ad)

So to dress just like Kendall Jenner would be boring so if you want to go as her this Halloween, pick the infamous Pepsi ad version. To get this look you’ll need a gold choker, a white T-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and a can of Pepsi. l


kendall jenner, pepsi ad, sponsorship vs advertising


7 – Any ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ queen

I know what you’re thinking. This one is difficult. Really easy to mess up (or in Drag Race terms, ‘look busted’). But think about the possibilities! Also, some of these queens have been kind enough to upload makeup tutorials so us mortals can recreate their looks. You better WERK!

I would start practising now so I could get the look right for Halloween.



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6 – Charlie Chaplin

An oldie, but a goodie. Get yourself a moustache, baggy pants, a cane, some white paint and you’re good to go.

Fun fact, 662 lookalikes got together this year in Switzerland and set a world record for the highest number of Charlie Chaplin impersonators at the same place.



5 – Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’

This one has always been a classic for the Halloween season but it is particularly popular now thanks to the success of the video game based on the franchise that was released earlier this year. In order to get this one right, you’ll need the mask which can be easily bought on Amazon for as low as £7. Oh, and the machete — don’t forget the machete!


halloween 2017, jason, costume idea


4 – Pennywise from ‘It’

Pennywise has become an icon since the latest rendition of It was released this summer. You can go with the old or the new version, whichever you prefer — they’re both creepy. Or if you really want to scare everyone, have a child dress as the character.


Pennywise, it, halloween 2017, costume idea


3 – North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un

I’ve said it before, I find Kim Jong-Un to be an unintentional fashion icon. If it wasn’t for his obsession with nuclear weapons, more people would notice that his outfits are always polished to Anna Wintour standards. In order to get Kim’s look, dress all black and comb your hair back with lots of gel. Or you can also get yourself a mask on eBay.


Kim Jong Un, halloween 2017, costume ideas


2 – UnknownPlayer’s Battlegrounds

If you want to be relevant, why not dress up as one of the most popular video games of the year? It might seem like a copout — because everything kind of goes here — but it can also be very successful if you pull it out correctly. Mix some elements of corporate wear with military gear and don’t forget to paint your face to make you look like you’ve really been through it.



1 – The Babadook

Our number one spot has got to go to the Babadook. This monster that comes from the movie of the same name, has been all over social media in 2017 thanks to his new status as a gay icon. I love the internet when stuff like this happens. Online, you’ll find all kinds of tutorials on how to recreate this iconic character’s look. You’ll need lots of black clothes, cardboard and white paint.


halloween 2017, babadook, costume idea

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