Here’s the list of the top 20 British event agencies for 2017

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As a personalised T-shirts agency, we tend to work with many event planners which is why we pay close attention to the industry and there is no better resource than C&IT.

Every year, C&IT releases a full report on the state of the events planning industry in the UK. This document includes overall stats, challenges and tech trends among other interesting data. But arguably the most popular part of the report (the one people look most forward to), is the list of the top British event agencies.

Bear in mind that these are not necessarily the ‘best’ agencies. These are simply the companies in the events industry that had the highest turnover in the past year. In the future, we would like to see a list where money is not the deciding factor but creativity and customer service instead.

If you want to check last year’s list, you can do so here.

Without further ado, here are the top British event agencies according to C&IT.

20 – Principal Global Events

Turnover: £9.9 million
This agency went from position 30 to 20 in a year. They specialise in event production, incentive travel and IT. In their gallery you’ll find a selection of images of show-stopping entertainment — apparently, Sting performed at one of their events.

19 – TRO

Turnover: £11.5 million
Self-described as ‘the experience agency’, this company is all about connecting brands with people. TRO is an international agency that specialises in experiential, live and retail events. Among its clients, you’ll find Volvo, Nissan and Guinness.

18 – The Fresh Group

Turnover: £13.1 million
The Fresh Group was founded in 2004 to ‘create and deliver inspirational communications for their clients,’ which include Hyundai, dfs and Dixons Carphone. They honour their name by bringing the talents of over 80 professionals to come up with creative solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the industry.

17 – RapierGroup

Turnover: £14.3 million
This award-winning agency covers more than just events. They go beyond organising to focus also on content and communication. As they say it themselves, their mission is to ‘get people talking’. In their long list of customers, you’ll find Renault, Audi and SWIFT.

16 – We are Vista

Turnover: £14.5 million
Falling down two places on the list from last year is the creative communications agency We Are Vista. This is an ALL in-house service, from the obvious event management to content strategy to audience research and internal communications. On their clients’ page, you’ll find Asda, Lloyds Banking Group and Harrods.

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15 – Cievents

Turnover: £15 million
With locations in seven different countries, Cievents is an event planning agency dedicated to the international corporate market. In 2016 they had a turnover of £15m. Among its clients, you’ll find Hays, Home Retail Group UK and Thompson Reuters.

14 – DRP

Turnover: £15.3 million
Jumping from position 22 to 14 is DRP, an agency with clients like SAP, Vodafone and Box. Since 1980, this agency has dedicated itself to find a creative solution to every challenge. Their mantra is ‘anything is possible’ and imagination is at the core of every project they undertake.

13 – Freeman

Turnover: £15.5 million
This agency is known for creating custom stands that go the extra mile. Thanks to its technology and original graphics, Freeman has made a name for itself in the industry. This is a new entry on the list that had a total turn over of £15.5 million in 2016.

12 – TBA

Turnover: £15.6 million
TBA fell a bit on the list from the 9 position to the 12, but they’re not doing too shabby since they have organised events for Asos, eBay and Adidas. Not to mention the £15.6 million in revenue they made last year.

11 – ATPI Corporate Events and Sports Events

Turnover: £15.8 million
With a premise of ‘events are our world’ this agency presents itself as the organisers that will go far and beyond. Their premise? To leave it all to them. ATPI will take care of a production from beginning to end. Among their clients, you’ll find Heineken, Microsoft and Hyundai.

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10 – SMYLE Group

Turnover: £17 million
For them, the idea is everything. Or so they say on their website. By owning this mantra, they’ve jumped from the 19 position to the 10 on the list. Their key industry sectors are automotive, electronics and financial services, among others. SMYLE has managed events for Red Bull, the X Factor and Intel.

9 – Chillisauce

Turnover: £19.1 million
Chillisauce specialises in team building activities, incentives, meetings, conferences and Christmas parties. From their headquarters in London, they’ve worked for companies like Deloitte and Microsoft.

8 – Touch Associates

Turnover: £23 million
Connecting people through emotion and feeling is Touch Associates motto. Their clients are mostly in the pharmaceutical, financial, automotive and IT sectors and they had an event-based turnover of £23 million in 2016.

7 – BCD Meetings & Incentives

Turnover: £28.5 million
It’s been a good year for BCD since they moved from the 16 position to 7 this year. After more than 30 years in the events industry, these guys don’t show any signs of slowing down. In 2016 they had a £ 28.5 million total turnover.

6 – WRG

Turnover: £30.9 million
WRG seeks to create and deliver unforgettable content and experiences. Most of their clients are in the pharmaceutical, financial and IT industries. In which we can find Clarks, EE and Wella, among others.

Credit: @Ashfield Healthcare

5 – Ashfield Meetings & Events

Turnover: £34.4 million
Mostly dedicated to the healthcare sector, Ashfield works with 20 of the biggest pharma companies in the world. They had an event-based turnover of £34.4 million in 2016 and they are specialised in the organisation of conferences, congresses, exhibitions, meetings, incentives, product launches and training.

4 – Capita Travel and Events

Turnover: £35.8 million
Capita prides itself in creating and delivering smarter travel, meetings and events. Among their clients, you’ll find Direct Line Group, Virgin Media and Pearson. With a staff of 850 people, they’re one of the biggest event agencies in the UK.

2 – CWT Meetings and Events

Turnover: £36.2 million
This year, there is no third position. Instead, there are two agencies that are tied at the second place. The first one is CWT, which in 2016 they had an event-based turnover of £36.2 million, working with clients from the automotive, financial and pharmaceutical industries.

2 – Banks Sadler

Turnover: £36.2 million
Every year they deliver over 16,000 meetings and 500 events. Tied with CWT, Banks Sadler had an event-based turnover of £36.2 million in 2016. Among their most important clients is SBM (Saudi Business Machines).

1 – Jack Morton Worldwide

Turnover: £79 million
And at number 1 for the second year in a row is Jackson Morton Worldwide. They’ve worked with pretty much everyone and done pretty much everything. Among their clients, you’ll find T-Mobile, Nespresso and Magnum for whom they’ve organised events with a turnover of a whopping £79 million in 2016.

So there you have them, the top 20 UK event agencies of 2017 according to C&IT. Are there any other you’d like to see added to the list? Then let us know in the comments below.

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