Whether being shown around by a supermodel on a runway or holding the dismembered body of a person — you didn’t expect that one, did you? — tote bags have had a long and important role in our society.

It was in a tote bag that Christopher Columbus first set sail to America. It was a tote bag that saved John Paul’s II life when he got shot. And it was a tote bag that eradicated the plague during the middle ages.

You know what’s the only thing that’s cooler than a tote bag?

Chuck Norris.




Okay, I may have exaggerated a tiny bit, but there is no discussion that the item that was once left for last minute runs to the grocery store has become a basic piece in every fashionista and hipster’s wardrobe.

Here are 12 reasons as to why Tote Bags are so bloody awesome:

#1 Highly customisable

In case you haven’t noticed, Tote Bags are highly customisable. They’re basically blank canvases that can be turned into whatever a creative mind fancies.

  • They’re large = More space for creation
  • They’re durable = They can sustain most embellishing methods
  • They’re trending = Will look good no matter what
  • They’re flat = Highly manageable 

#2 Great for printing

Their flat nature makes them very easy to print with any technique. These bags can be easily inserted into DTG printing machines and screen printing setups.




#3 Great for advertising

Tote bags have become a sort of staple in corporate events and for mainly two reasons: One, they allow attendees to carry all of their fliers and giveaways in a single place and two, they’re a great support for logos and corporate advertising. In fact, I believe they’re better than T-shirts *gasps* for the sole reason that tote bags remain visible for far longer. For example, any logo printed on a garment will be automatically covered once the user puts a coat or jacket on.

#4 More often than not, a sustainable choice

Tote bags are often made out of recycled materials and on top of that, they are a perfect and comfortable replacement for any plastic bag, reducing waste all around. 




#5 Inexpensive

Because they’re composed out of simple materials and their pattern is easy to reproduce, tote bags tend to be inexpensive. Even for higher-end brands, the tote bag tends to have a more reasonable price than the rest of the other products, making it a great entry garment for a luxury brand.

#6 They’re versatile

Tote bags are so versatile that designers sometimes even create reversible versions that allow users to turn one bag into another in just a second.




#7 Look great with any outfit

Tote bags can be worn at the beach, park, gym and even the workplace. Maybe for the office, you wouldn’t want to carry around your canvas tote bag, but a high street brand may sell one made out of (fake?) leather that’s perfectly acceptable.

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#8 They can be worn by both men and women

If you’re one of those blokes that think that tote bags are too effeminate, why are you reading this post in the first place? Kidding! I’m just here to tell you that it is completely fine for men to wear them. Then again, I do think it’s fine for men to wear make-up, as well. So maybe you should take Kyle Chayka’s word for it instead. He wrote a passionate article for The Guardian about why men should own not just one, but several tote bags.




#9 They’re comfortable

The bag owes its name to the verb “to tote” which means “to carry” — a more perfect name I don’t think could’ve been found. 

#10 Spacious

Not Mary Poppins spacious mind you, but they can still carry quite a lot if you organise your stuff well enough. Perfect for running errands and shopping!

* Certified by the Printsome team.

#11 Simple yet smart pattern

Their pattern is designed in such a way that it makes a tote bag really lightweight, but strong at the same time.

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Durable




#12 They’re washable

Last, but not least. Most tote bags are washable! Sometimes you can even throw them into the washing machine and presto!

Tote Bag Mockups

After all of this tote bag information overdose, we’re sure you’d like to go on and design your very own. Worry not! We’ve got you covered. From our design team to you: We present our very own Printsome Tote Bag mockup!

Knock yourself out!

Are you a tote bag enthusiast as well? Then please, let us know in the comments below. You can also join in the conversation via any of our social media outlets.

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