For those who don’t know, Tour de Yorkshire is a cycling race (inspired by the Tour de France) that takes place in Yorkshire (duh!) and gathers some of the best cyclists in the UK and the world. 

This year we’ll see faces like Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish and Lizzie Deignan join both the men’s and women’s races. So in honour of the oncoming event, we wanted to highlight some of our best content related to sports. 

From cycling to golfing, on this list you’ll find some of our best content related to sportswear and the activities that require them.  

How cycling became a valuable brand in the UK 

Written when the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire was around the corner, this piece talks about how cycling became a hot brand in the UK and highlights some of the best marketing campaigns inspired by it. 

Gym vests for men: A guide on everything you need to know

A very wise person once said ‘Grooming makes the man.’ Or was it ‘clothes’? Either way, this guide will help any man how to wear a vest at the gym. From proper deodorant to fit, we cover everything you need to know to look sharp while working out.

The ultimate guide to sports and workout tops 

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between all the different types of vest tops in the market? Or what kind of qualities should a good vest top have? We go over everything you need to know in this blog post. 

Euro Cup 2016: The Definitive Football Kits List

Football fan? Back in 2016, we covered the uniforms for all of the teams participating in the 2016 Euro Cup. From France to Portugal, we go over their home and away versions and grade them on their awesomeness.

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Football shirt name and number: When teams get creative

From the best of the best to the weirdest. Our former Content Manager Jorge made a list of the oddest Spanish football uniforms that have ever been designed. Trust me, they get pretty strange. There’s one inspired by tapas — it sounds like a joke but it isn’t. 

Our list of the 20 best (and worst) polo shirts in golf

We have to give some love to our golf players as well. Much like the previous list, this one can get pretty bizarre. Golf has always been perceived as a posh sport, therefore we image its athletes wearing exclusive Ralph Lauren polo shirts and the like. But in reality, they’re more like the rock stars of sport. Since they don’t have to coordinate a uniform with teammates, they can wear whatever they like — literally. 

The history of the UK’s Olympic kit: 120 years of evolution

On this blog post, we cover the evolution of the UK’s olympic kit throughout the years but it’s more than that. This is the history of sportswear as a whole. From those weird swimsuits they used to wear in the ‘20s to today’s cybernetic suits.  

How to choose a performance T-shirt for a marathon 

Those who’ve participated in a marathon know that what you wear can make the difference between finishing last or first. A performance T-shirt can be particularly crucial since it will make the difference between transpiring properly or not. And let’s not even talk about chafing — ouch.

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