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As every Tuesday here we are again bringing you the newest episode of our most popular series, the #TshirtTuesday. A place where we interview and feature some of the most exciting and new personalised T-shirts designers on Earth (are you one of them?).

This time around we bring you James Phoenix Hill and his brand new apparel line Oros Phoenix Clothing. A brand that’s very special as it’s got one of the most creative premises we’ve ever seen. You see, the T-shirts are inspired by a story that was written by James himself which is a piece of fiction that combines spirituality and modern elements to tell a message of inclusivity.

I hope you enjoy our newest #TshirtTuesday!  

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Interviewing James Phoenix, founder of Oros Phoenix Clothing

Tell us about you, what’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?

My name is James Phoenix Hill. I’m originally from Northampton, but I now reside in Manchester City Centre. I’m a photographer, author and clothing designer.

What about your brand? What’s its name? What makes it unique?

My new brand Oros Phoenix Clothing is inspired by ancient and modern day culture from around the world. The brand is unique as it is inspired by a fictional story that I myself wrote. The story starts 25 thousand years ago, and will eventually lead into modern day; you can catch up with it every month. My brand and the story promote acceptance of minorities in mainstream society.

If it were a person, what would he/she be like?

Funny that you ask this question as the brand is named after a person. My story and the brand are based on the life of Oros Phoenix; a child that is born into a corrupt and violent world. He is a saviour, a prophet, and some even say a God.

Simplicity is key, describe your brand in three words:

Transcendental. Spiritual. Cool.

For how long have you been selling T-shirts? Any remarkable story you learnt on the way? Any advice for beginners?

I have only recently released the unisex range. It was launched 31st October 2016. I’ve learnt that setting up a brand isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But through blood, sweat and tears I got there in the end. My advice would be to keep going and to focus on the vision that you first thought of. Don’t let too many people’s opinions affect your work.

Key question, why should people be interested in your brand?

My brand promotes equality, acceptance and most of all unity. People that buy this brand wont only get an item of clothing, but a whole experience and a meaning behind each design, as well. In the future I would like to start a community where people can feel comfortable in themselves enough to share the things they like without the fear of being judged. The clothing is 100% superset cotton and the designs are different and exciting. The amount of people that ask me where I got my T-shirt has been outstanding.

Are you on Social Media? Where can we find you?

Yeah! Find me here!

Oros Phoenix Clothing – Featured Garments 




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Oros Phoenix

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Matt Oros Pheonix Wolf Tshirt

Golden Dire Wolf



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The Ram



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