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Like every Tuesday, here we are again with the latest episode of our most popular series, #TshirtTuesday! Where we feature up-and-coming personalised T-shirt brands and interview the designers behind them.

This time around we bring you fellow Brit Adele and her brand Signifer Studios. She’s originally from London, but has relocated to Los Angeles where she finds inspiration for her T-shirt line in the city’s surf culture. If you’re into beach inspired wear then don’t think twice about checking Signifer Studios.

I hope you enjoy our newest #TshirtTuesday!

#TshirtTuesday: Signifer Studios

Tell us about you, what’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?
Hi there! Adele Payman here, 16-year-old graphic designer from sunny Los Angeles, California. I just moved to LA from London, and the beautiful mountains and beaches of the LA area have been a huge inspiration for my brand, Signifer Studios, which I run with three of my best friends, Aisha Rubio, Roma Lewis, and Saman Peyman. We are all avid adventure enthusiasts, and love art and design. Launching and running Signifer Studios with my friends has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.

What about your brand? What’s its name? What makes it unique?
Signifer Studios is a beach/surf inspired brand with a quirky and optimistic feel. We feel that too many tees you find today are either joke shirts or very edgy, so we went for an intricate, colourful style which would look right at home at the beach. Even our name is atypical of most T-shirt brands (if you were wondering, it means herald in Latin). Our shirts are all about good vibes and great design.

If Signifer was a person, they would be that guy with the crazy bucket list!

If it were a person, what would he/she be like?
Somebody who loves exploring and living life to the fullest. Somebody with an off-beat sense of humour and an optimistic outlook (just read our product descriptions! I guarantee you will smile!). Also, somebody who isn’t afraid of being a bit different and going against the grain. If Signifer was a person, they would be that guy with the crazy bucket list!

Simplicity is key, describe your brand in three words:
Vibrant. Beachy. Cheerful.

For how long have you been selling T-shirts? Any remarkable story you learnt on the way? Any advice for beginners?
We’ve been live for about three months, but it took us almost six to launch! A lot of thought went into our designs – most went through three or four iterations before we felt satisfied with our work (we made five versions of the Lost Angels design alone!). A large part of our inspiration came from our surroundings. At the time, we were all living in London, and design was a way for us to bring the chill, relaxed beach vibe home. I would tell beginners to be bold. Some told us that because our designs didn’t follow the latest trends, they would never sell, but it’s important to stay true to yourself and never get discouraged!

Key question, why should people be interested in your brand?
Some people will dig our designs, and others won’t – that’s life. But if you value great design, or are fed up with gimmicky joke shirts that are funny one day and cliché the next, or are just looking to express your love for the coast, then we think you’ll find something to like at Signifer Studios.

Before you leave, Adele, let’s do a rapid fire round.

Cats or dogs?
Cats. There’s a reason cat videos have taken over the internet.

PC of Mac?
PC for life, although no one beats Apple on design.

Football or basketball?
Football – the real football that is – what Americans would call soccer.

Beach or forrest?
Beach. Duh.

A colour?
Red – like the sunset.

Tea of coffee?
Tea of course. I’m British.

A place?
Piuma Road, Malibu. Best views in LA.

A quote:
‘Not all those who wander are lost’ – J R R Tolkien.

Featured garments from Signifer studios:

#TshirtTuesday: Signifer Studios
Marina del Rey
#TshirtTuesday: Signifer Studios
#TshirtTuesday - Signifer Studios
Lost Angels
#TshirtTuesday - Signifer Studios
Flamingo Palms
#TshirtTuesday - Signifer Studios
Surfer Japan
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