Hi guys! Here we’re a new week and as every Tuesday I’m bringing you our newest episode of our #TshirtTuesday Series!

If you usually follow the series (and mate, you should), then you know we’ve featured many different T-shirt brands, from aviation clothes to super controversial stuff. This time around, we want to share with you a really cool clothing brand that believes that a mind-blowing design is what you need to succeed. Funded by a designer, photographer, filmmaker and artist, obviously, this brand had to have something creative in it.

Wait no more and meet Jeffrey and his awesome brand, Teyleen! We’re also glad to let you know you can apply the promo code Printsome10 when you get your t-shirts to get 10% off! Wow!


Interviewing Jeffry Thelin, founder of Teyleen



Tell us about you, what’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?

Hey! My name is Jeffrey Thelin. I’m currently living in Harrisonburg, Virginia and I just finished up school at James Madison University. Currently, I am a freelance designer, photographer, and filmmaker. My dream though is to be able to run Teyleen full time.

What about your brand? What’s its name? What makes it unique?

Teyleen is a lifestyle brand I launched in November. It’s truly a synthesis of all my passions and will hopefully give me another platform to share my art and positivity with the world.  Teyleen is a visual experience and lifestyle brand dedicated to simplicity, boldness, and self-expression. Our T-shirts are 100% ringspun cotton, printed with water-based inks, and are made in the USA. I feel like clothing feels more like a billboard today than a means of self-expression. That’s why at Teyleen I encourage customers to #beacanvas, be themselves, and try to find a design that fits their own personal style. I want it to eventually feel kind of like a tattoo shop – you find a design that personally means something to you, but perhaps is meaningless to someone else.

(Teyleen (TAY- LEAN) is just the Swedish pronunciation of my last name “Thelin”)

If it were a person, what would he/she be like?

If Teyleen were a person she would be someone who’s not afraid to be herself, who isn’t afraid to stand out, or be a positive voice, and helps build others up.

Simplicity is key, describe your brand in three words.

Bold, Minimal, and Positive.

For how long have you been selling T-shirts? Any remarkable story you learnt on the way? Any advice for beginners?

Teyleen launched in November and I have learned quite a bit in that short time. Everyone sees thousands of ads every day so the content you put out needs to be bringing some type of value to people other than just trying to sell stuff. Also, Nothing beats personal interaction. When sending emails and talking to customers make it unique for them.

A key question, why should people be interested in your brand?

People should be interested in Teyleen because even if they don’t want to buy any clothing the brand can still provide tremendous value to their lives. Every day I make a new design and post it to my Instagram as a challenge for myself, but also as visual inspiration for fans. I’m also launching the Teyleen blog this week where I’ll be interviewing artists who inspire me, and I release a new playlist every month with the songs that inspire my work. Finally, I also make fun videos like this one for the brand: 

That’s why I like to describe Teyleen as a visual experience and a lifestyle brand, I really try to create enjoyable visual content that people will want to interact with.

Are you on Social Media? Where can we find you?

Oh yeah. I’m social.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Youtube
  6. Vine

Brilliant! Nice talking to you! Before you go, let’s shoot some quick questions!­

  • Dogs or cats:  BOTH
  • Apple or PC: Apple, by way of PC so you know how lovely a Mac really is.
  • Football or basketball: Football ( the real one – not the silly one with tights)
  • Coffee or tea: coffee
  • Beach or forest: Coastal forests
  • A colour: Yellow
  • A place: San Francisco
  • A quote: You’ll be known for what you do.


Teyleen – Featured Garments

teyleen 1

Butte Tee


teyleen 2

Hemidemisemiquaver Tee


teyleen 3

Yugen Tee


teyleen 4

Circadian Tee


Teyleen – Featured Prints

teyleen print 1



teyleen print 2



teyleen print 3



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