Impressive Results: What Comes out if Top Brand Logos Were Turned Upside Down and Inside out?

Logos Upside Down

If you usually follow this blog you probably know already 1. that we’re a t-shirt printing company and 2. about our relatively famous and significantly original creative exercises. If you don’t know just yet but you like creativity, well, you should keep reading.

A creative exercise, according to the definition I just made up, is an activity where people here at Printsome (and sometimes, from all over the globe) try to merge two or more different concepts that are not commonly seen together to get interesting results. Sometimes we imagine what would happen if brands such as Facebook, Tinder or Airbnb  were beer brands instead of what they really are. Other times we just swap the colours of rival logos to analyse how our brains react to the change. We even dream with what would happen if brands were sponsoring entire countries or if the most incredible entrepreneurs of all time were superheroes.

Seriously folks, we take creativity very seriously, sometimes too much.

What if well-known logos were turned upside down and inside out?

We’ve been producing and publishing creative exercises for almost a year now and to be honest, the results speak by themselves. We’ve been featured on Adweek, Playboy, DesignTaxi and a million of other sites from anywhere in the world. And we won’t stop.

Actually, we’ve decided that for 2016, apart from creating our very own ones we’ll be sharing other people’s creative exercises (even if they don’t call them like that) and to start with, the first creative that got our attention is called Ivan Apostolski, this Serbian folk had a really interesting idea:

He thought that it’d be cool if we turned well-known brand logos inside out and upside down and then analysed what comes out. Now you’re probably in that WTF mode, I know, but take a breath and prepare to laugh, cos the results are pretty impressive.

Ivan calls this technique graphorism, and essentially it is to play with words, symbols and typography to form new and surprising creations. Are you ready to try it out yourself?

Pepsi – I bet he is!


Apple – So iOS!


Adidas – Network administrators’ apparel


Paypal – I want to buy and sell stuff daily, dad


DHL – They will deliver anything you want, anything


Twitter – FMiffel, a FM radio station broadcasting from the Eiffel Tower


Ford – Are you a brat?


Acer – Pure Jade


Nokia – Their wasn’t really good, apparently


Lavazza – Coffee mirrored


Best if used on planes with Wi-Fi


HTC – You’d better…


HP – So it is!


Snoopin’ Morrison


Burn – To avoid when having energy drinks


Land of noise




Earth Oddity



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