Are you an #EventProf? Are you in the UK? Are you a Twitter fan? Then mate, we’ve got a list for you! As Bethany Smith mentioned, social media is a critical tool of any event planner’s kit and as any digital marketer will tell you, following the right people is the beginning of successful online networking. Below you will find a list of the most influential Twitter accounts that are based in the UK or cater to an international audience. They are #EventProfs or online sources for everything event planning. 

They’ve been organised by the number of followers they have at the time of writing this article (February 19th 2016).

#20 @HazelAParsons Hazel Parsons 

A self-proclaimed fan of everything weddings, Hazel Parsons is more than a wedding planner. She offers services to anyone who wants to start working in the wedding planning industry.

#19 @SparksMarketing Sparks Marketing 

Sparks is a global agency that promises to deliver the ultimate brand experience. They’re Twitter account shares content on subjects such as sensorial marketing and new technology.

#18 @QuickMobile QuickMobile 

QuickMobile is a company specialised in developing new technology for the event planning industry. Their impressive client list includes Samsung, Mastercard and Adobe.

#17 @EventsUncovered Silvia Pellegrini 

Silivia Pellegrini is an events professional that through her twitter account and website offers valuable advice to anyone already or wanting to break into the event planning industry.

Tweets by @EventsUncovered

#16 @SnapdragonGroup SnapDragon London 

Snapdragon is one of the best wedding planning agencies in London. Aside from the beautiful photos, the twitter account gets constantly updated with information on the best wedding suppliers in the city.

#15 @olympia_london Olympia London 

The twitter account of the iconic venue offers news related to the latest events and even historical tidbits of the exhibition centre. The London Olympia also has a blog which shares information on new technologies, lifestyle and networking.

#14 @eventjuice eventjuice 

This blog offers to help its readers organise better events. The platform offers helpful advice, the downside is that the Twitter account doesn’t get updated very often.

#13 @Collection_26 Collection 26 

As one of the most famous wedding agencies in the UK, Collection 26 prides itself on creating luxurious events with flawless design. This twitter account mostly reposts the jaw-dropping images of the agency’s Instagram account.  

Tweets by @Collection_26

#12 @lafleurweddings Jill La Fleur 

Jill La Fleur is the founder of La Fleur Wedding and Events which organises picturesque events all over the world. Her account is a most follow for any wedding fan.

#11 @tojulius Julius Solaris 

Julius Solaris, a former social media consultant for international brands, is the founder of EventMB the first online source for event planners. This guru of professional event planning offers insightful content about the industry in an easy to digest way.

#10 @BeauBehan Beau Behan

This movie critic has got several titles under his belt, aside from commenting movies, he is a TV host, writer and the founder of the Jazz Fest. If you love both movies and events, you’ll enjoy following him on Twitter.

#9 @EventBriteUk Eventbrite UK 

The UK account of the event promoting platform offers valuable advice and tips on many subjects going from pop up shops and advertising to cuisine. Even if you’re not an user of the app, you should still follow them for the useful content.

#8 @NikkiRecherche1 Nikki Finnie 

One of the Top 15 women in the event industry by maximillion, Nikki has a background in marketing, corporate events and weddings. Her agency, Recherché Signature Wedding and Events has won several awards.

Tweets by @NikkiRecherche1

#7 @PlanYrMeetings Plan Your Meetings 

Founded in 1995, PYM is a source for everything sales incentives, training seminars, holiday parties and conferences. Aside from educating, it promises to connect event planners all around the globe.

#6 @CITmagazine C&IT Magazine 

C&IT magazine is THE place for anyone who enjoys conferences and incentive travel. Get caught up in the business travel hype with all of the useful information this account shares on international and local destinations.

#5 @MarkNiemierko Mark Nimierko 

Mark Nimierko has made a name for himself in the London scene as the A list wedding planner. His twitter account features beautiful pictures of his luxurious events. A dream for Pinterest wedding boards aficionados.

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#4 @EventNewsBlog Event Industry News 

As the name suggest, the twitter account of the magazine displays the latest news in the industry. Follow this account to always be updated on everything events.

#3 @Penthouselord Jason Allan Scott

Jason Allan Scott, also known as Lord Scott, has an impressive following of over 50 thousand people on Twitter. He’s an entrepreneur specialised in events and public speaking. Among his twitter activity, you’ll find conversations with other #EventProfs powerhouses and his own content, which includes blog posts and a podcast.

#2 @Eventmagazine Event Magazine 

The leading publication on events management updates its Twitter account constantly with the latest happenings in the industry. The publication based in London is the go-to source for brand experiences.

#1 @Weddingmagazine Wedding Magazine 

With an impressive 137,000 followers, Wedding Magazine is at the top of their game. As they say it themselves, the source for everything you need to know for your big day.

Did we miss anyone? Do you know of any UK based or international influencer of the event planning industry we should be following? If you do, please leave a comment below. For more awesome content, keep reading the Printsome Blog.

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