In December everyone thinks about Christmas jumpers, but what about the rest of the year? What jumpers should we be turning to in the New Year for style + comfort?

Winter is known as jumper season, but, if we’re being honest, you can wear your favourite cozy garments all year long. And, unless you live somewhere where it’s always summer (like any territory near the Equator), then you’ll probably need to get some use out of your favourite jumpers as well.

Types of Jumpers you should try in 2016

Whether you’re looking for a new piece to add to your wardrobe or are simply just curious about what sorts of cold weather wear is out there, here is a list of custom jumpers types I think everyone should try out at least once in their lives:

The essentials

First, I’m going to list the six essential types of jumper I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. With these basics, you’ll be able to stay both warm and stylish all throughout the chilly season – and hopefully without getting too bored of what your outfit options are.


What’s great about them: The turtleneck/roll-neck was born in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s when it really started to trend – did you know that back then it was seen as a kind of rebellion against the shirt and tie? Hard to conceive, considering that nowadays if you wear one you’re most likely to be called Diane Keaton than a rebel.

What’s not so great about them: Some people find them uncomfortable and they can also be unflattering if one has a short neck.


Type of Jumper: Turtle NeckSource



What’s great about them: They are comfortable, offer protection against the weather and can be worn by any body type.

What’s not so great about them: People tend to abuse the custom hoodies and use it in moments when it’s really not necessary (like, for example, indoors) and also, depending on the type and the occasion, one can end up looking like a criminal.





What’s great about them: V-necks can be a very helpful garment if you like to layer up because they showcase more than others what’s underneath. Also, an interesting fact to keep in mind: If you have a big or pronounced jaw, a V-neck will draw attention away from it because it elongates the neck.

What’s not so great about them: They don’t look so neat when they’re combined with a V-neck T-shirt, so you’ve got to be careful when layering.


vneck jumperSource


What’s great about them: Aw, the timeless cardigan. Like roll-necks, they can be very tasteful when worn right. A nice cardigan with a shirt and a tie will look great at the office and/or a dinner party. If you button it up, as with a jacket, remember to leave the last button undone.

What’s not so great about them: Your less formal friends might think you’re a snob, but who cares. We both know you’re fabulous! *hair swish*




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Crew neck

What’s great about them: They’re extremely adaptable! The crew neck can be worn to almost every occasion (depending on the design and fabric, of course). If you want to follow the trend this season, get a knitted one with a bold pattern. Or, you can go classic and buy one in a solid colour that flatters you.

What’s not so great about them: Unless you buy one that’s made of a very itchy fabric, I really can’t think of a significant downside to a classic crew neck sweater. It’ll pair well with just about everything in your winter wardrobe.


crew neck jumperSource


Cable knit
What’s great about them: Cable knit jumpers are both warm and classically stylish. Having a pretty knitted design on the front of your jumper adds a touch of style to any outfit without having to try too hard — which has the added bonus of not looking like you tried too hard.

What’s not so great about them: Depending on how the cable knit is created, these may not be the most flattering on your body and can look a bit outdated. Choose wisely, and try out a few different types if you’re not convinced about cable knit at first.


Cable knit jumpersSource


What’s great about them: The ideal oversized jumper might end up being the comfiest piece of clothing in your winter closet. They also come in handy for hiding any pounds you may have picked up during the festive season (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us).

What’s not so great about them: The line that separates casual chic and just plain sloppy is very thin.


oversized jumpersSource


Trendier styles

If you’re getting sick and tired of the basics, here are a few more options for jumpers that you might like to add to your closet rotation:

Open cardigan
What’s great about them: If you’re going for a laid-back style, an urban cool one or a bohemian one, open cardigans can be a great style choice. They’re perfect for transitional months when the seasons change.

What’s not so great about them: Er, these are sort of opposite of crew necks. They’re not extremely adaptable! Part of the point of wearing a jumper is to be warm and cosy – and if the whole front section is open, that’s a bit difficult.


Open cardiganSource


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What’s great about them: While these don’t offer the fullest coverage, they’re a good piece to layer over other items of clothing. They’re also quite comfortable, as you won’t have any too-tight sleeves to deal with.

What’s not so great about them: These can give off a bit of a granddad or school uniform vibe. Of course, if that’s the look you’re going for, then you do you. No judgment here! But if you’re not going for that sort of style, then you may want to re-think your choice of a jumper.


Sleeveless jumperSource



What’s great about them: Cropped jumpers are handy to wear with any high-waisted items you have in your wardrobe that you might wear more often in the warmer weather. They’re also a nice break from baggy oversized styles that you might be getting sick of by the end of winter.

What’s not so great about them: Cropped styles can be a bit tricky to wear, as they’ll probably only pair well with a limited number of pieces you own. On top of that, they often show just a sliver of skin on your midriff – which equals a very chilly tummy if it’s properly cold outside.


Cropped jumperSource


Cowl Neck
What’s great about them: Cowl necks are like the turtleneck’s more relaxed cousin, as the neck isn’t quite as fitted. They’ll still keep you nice and toasty though.

What’s not so great about them: There is a high probability of crumbs falling down the front of a cowl-neck jumper. Proceed to eat all your wintery nibbles with caution.


Cowl NeckSource


The Tacky Christmas Jumper

What’s great about them: Everything.

What’s not so great about them: Nothing. (Well, except you’ll look ridiculous wearing it anytime except the holidays. A small concern when compared to the fabulousness of a truly tacky Christmas jumper).


The Tacky Christmas JumperSource



What’s great about them: Technically not a jumper, but we’ll still include it because we — like diversity. Yes, we are serious about this one. A knitted poncho can be both warm and stylish (we promise). Sleeves are overrated anyway.

What’s not so great about them: A poncho is definitely a style statement, and you may not be in the mood to make such a statement by simply walking out your front door. Or you might just not agree with the statement a clothing item such as a poncho makes. Also, due to its free-flowing nature, it may not be the most urban-friendly piece.


Types of Jumper: PonchoSource

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