Questions like ‘What are the best event registration sites?’ and ‘Which ones are free?’ are making a big fuss in the virtual space. Which is why we want to help you find the answers to these questions by focusing on the most important features an effective event registration platform should have.

A good event registration website: What should it offer?

Here is a recipe for a tasty registration soup:

  • Form-building flexibility. A nice-looking registration form is a must for a modern event, which is why being able to customize categories by adding, moving and modifying text boxes and buttons is crucial.
  • Effective data management. If you want your guests to become regulars, you have to handle their contact information in the best possible way. If you’re not able to segment and organize data in the way you need, then look for another platform.
  • Mobile app integration. One of the best ways to save the precious time of attendees is by offering online registration through an app. Easy check-in onsite = cost and time efficiency.
  • Support. Even with the most advanced registration websites, bottlenecks are bound to happen. A good company will have a support team ready to help with any problem you may have.

Seal the deal with your event website

Are online registration sites really beating in-house ticket purchasing? We happen to think so. So, what are the marvellous advantages of registering online?

No paper – no problems.
Online registration spares you the problem of printing and making endless copies. Simply choose a ‘one-click’ option and all these paper nightmares will go away.

No surprises – no disappointments.
Surely, you love surprises but not when it comes to event planning. Online registration platforms give you the opportunity to track attendees in real-time. This way you know how many people you can expect before the event even starts.

No communication obstacles – no misunderstandings
With the ability to customize emails in any way you want, there are no limits to what you can do in terms of branding.

6 of the best websites with event registrations services


This is not simply another online registration site for events, GEVME literally takes full control of the event’s registration for the comfort of the attendees. There are several powerful benefits here. First, each guest gets several ticketing options. Second, event planners can synchronize data across multiple data collection devices through predefined custom fields, and third, the merchandise and inventory options available on GEVME allow organizers to diversify their income. To capitalize on outreach, users can also leverage a full-scale integration with widgets and other websites.

gevme, event registration


A registration platform for the most creative of travellers but not only that, Eventleaf also offers several modules that make their service convenient for even the most diverse group of attendees. For example, the website offers its services in several languages, which makes registration for participants from any part of the globe possible. Users also love this platform for its advanced design tools, which provide great flexibility when creating a registration form. Schedule and data about presenters can also be added to users’ information.

eventleaf, event registration


A good choice for super-organized event planners, those who love to have everything on a checklist. Conrego offers a six-step event registration setup with three optional steps being the agenda, accommodation booking, and summary. Which functions you get, depends on the package purchased. The platform is perfectly designed to create uncomplicated and quick to process event proceedings.

conrego, event registration

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Event planners whose favourite word is “flexibility” are the ones to prefer Eventboost. This free event registration system stands out for its customization options of literally everything that can be customized. With this software, users get a chance to sign up for recurrent events in one go or simply register for a specific session. Clients of Eventboost enjoy these and many other ready-to-reconsider features.

eventboost, screen shot


If you’re organising a scientific event, then the German conference management platform vCongress has got your back. The software is a real powerhouse when it comes to organising these types of gatherings. As for its registration features, it’s particularly efficient in the email customization department and the automatic provision of certificates and batches.

vcongress, event registration


In order to cover the needs of different event formats, Enrole has developed features like real-time management of data and non-credit offering. On top of that, the platform offers individual step-by-step guides in subjects such as certificate programs, community outreach, continuing education, business development, and many others.

enrole, event registration

Time to make a final choice. What’s your dream event registration website?

Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to online registration services for events that we may be slowly entering too-many-cooks-spoil-the-broth territory here. By trying to get an advantage in the competition, an enormous quantity of platforms have been created. On the bright side, this race makes each website excel in a different area. But on the downside, selecting the one that matches your specific needs may look like rocket science if you don’t know what to look for.

Here’s a small guide, which will help you to focus on the goal and avoid distractions:

1. Pay attention to customization options. Flexibility should always be part of your strategy. Choose a platform that will not collapse if you decide to change something at a moment’s notice.

2. Look for social media integration. Reaching huge audiences is much easier with effective social media integration. Getting a service that makes event ticketing compatible with social media is, definitely, an advantage.

3. Go for ticketing options. Your guests will love getting the right to choose. Event platforms that offer diverse ticketing options, as well as discount offers, set the bar high.

So there it is your guide to selecting your perfect online registration platform. And if there’s only one thing you’ll remember about this blog post, then remember this choosing a perfect online registration website is all about aligning. Align the features of the service with your goals and you’ll come out as the winner.

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