What Type of Marketer Are You?

If you haven’t already noticed, marketing has become one of the most important elements of a company. Marketing science, I like to call it. It’s everywhere now, even at t-shirt printing companies such as ourselves. There was a time when only a few companies advertised their products or services (probably because they were the only ones that could afford it). Their options were few, and their medium was radio, TV or press. Nothing else.

The example

So, if you were a consumer looking for shampoo, TV gave you the clear choice. Well, the fact is that you probably only had one option, maybe two. You didn’t have to vary your product line, because low competition didn’t require you to. It was a different story then.

But now we live in an extremely crowded world. We’re audience to thousands of ads every day, everywhere. There are millions and millions of “different” companies trying to make you choose them over 500 other brands that offer pretty much the same thing.

Nowadays, the modern type of marketer considers it a “must” to do things differently, to create remarkable advertising.

The type of marketer who gets it is the person who knows that the consumer no longer wants to be told what to do and what to buy. Life has changed. Think about it, what did you do 10 years ago if you wanted to watch a specific movie? You had three options:

  • Go to the theatre
  • Rent it from Blockbuster
  • Wait till they put it on TV

You couldn’t really control any of them because it wasn’t up to you, it was up to them!

But now, the internet just gives your movie to you, or any of a million more. Sure mate, it’s that easy.

We don’t need anymore. We want.

The gist

So why explain all this, which you already know? The point is that this incredible change has resulted in the expansion of marketing itself. Marketing is everywhere, and so are marketers. Naturally, the marketer’s role has expanded, fractured, shifted, morphed and segmented into many sub-roles within the umbrella idea of Marketing and Advertising.

With that said, it’s time to explain to you how we ended up writing this post.

We’re a startup here at Printsome. So the marketing roles are not as clearly defined as in a big company. Us marketing guys handle everything, from SEO to direct marketing for the UK printing market. I think this is common for SME marketing teams: many types of marketers are embodied by just a few team members.

However, no one can deny that everyone has a specific marketing profile that’s more suited to them as individuals. It’s probably something related to what one does best or what likes most.

So we started talking about what type of marketers we were, and how we could otherwise find out. How would you determine what kind of marketer you are? Would you ask your colleagues? Your boss? Is there some exam or test that you can take that’ll tell you if you’re more into online marketing or more into experience marketing?


So being a bunch of creative people at a fun t-shirt printing company, we made it ourselves!

Don’t wait one second more, aren’t you curious what type of marketer you are?

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