Ever since they first rose to popularity in the late 70’s, wholesale hoodies for screen printing have become a must-have item in every wardrobe. May it be male, female, children or adults, everyone seems to appreciate the good ol’ hood. Some even argue that one day it could become more famous than its less warm cousin, the T-shirt (we’ll tell you where to get T-shirts screen printed in a moment).

Why are wholesale hoodies for screen printing so awesome?

So what is it about this garment that makes it so beloved by everyone? Below, we’ll explore some of the reasons why the hoodie is so bloody cool.

1. Hoodies are comfortable
They’re cosy, they’re warm and they protect you against the weather. What more could you ask for?

2. Hoodies pair perfectly with headphones
That nice hood that protects our head from the weather also prevents our headphones from being knocked out of our ears. The fabric also enhances the music as it muffles the sounds from the outside world.

You may have already noticed, but there are hoodies out there that have built-in sockets for headphones and also tutorials that teach you how to make them. There are even gift guides that recommend them as a present for your techie lover.

‘By choosing the music, you reclaim some of the world — it’s no longer dominated by messages pointed at you.’

3. Hoodies give us a sense of anonymity and protection
Whether if we really are or not, when we wear a hoodie we feel protected. By putting on a hood and headphones, we’re telling the world: I need my space – or please don’t talk to me because I really don’t care. The BBC published an article* that talks about the phenomenon and according to Dr Michael Bull, a specialist they interview, ‘By choosing the music, you reclaim some of the world — it’s no longer dominated by messages pointed at you.’

* The study might be a little dated. They interview ‘Walkman’ owners, after all.

4. Hoodies are designed for all kinds of activities
For example, the AWDis Chunky Zoodie, is a garment that’s got a small, hidden opening in its right front pocket and hidden ear phone loops for cords. And how about the Mewgaroo hoodie? Which has been designed for cat lovers to carry their pets like a kangaroo?

For more creative hoodies, head over to ‘The most creative hoodies you’ll ever see.’


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5. Hoodies love music
Music and fashion have a long history of influencing each other. One of those moments was during the late 80’s and early 90’s when the hip-hop movement inspired some of the most famous designers like Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld. It wasn’t strange to see Linda Evangelista walking down the runway of Chanel wearing a hoodie and/or a baseball cap.

Worth noting is that streetwear is once again flirting with luxury apparel and it couldn’t be more obvious than the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Supreme.

6. Hoodies make it easier to carry devices
Most hoodies have a “kangaroo” pouch that makes it easy to not only keep your hands warm but also to carry devices. Think of it as a bum bag that’s attached to your jumper.

7. Hoodies are easy to customise
Just ask us! Hoodies are just as easy to print as a T-shirt and they have a higher perceived value. In branding terms, hoodies are more useful because, more often than not, they’re the outer garment meaning that whatever it’s printed on them won’t be covered as easily.

8. Hoodies are versatile
Fashion blogs celebrate it as a versatile piece that can be worn even with the fanciest of trousers. Dress them up. Dress them down. Not into the formal look? Then pair it up with a leather jacket!

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9. Hoodies tend to be unisex
There are hoodies that are specially designed for women but for the most part, wholesale hoodies for screen printing are unisex and can be worn by anyone.

10. Hoodies are flattering
Self-conscious about your body? Don’t worry. We all are from time to time. The hoodie is the perfect garment to hide that mid-section that nobody likes.

11. Hoodies are a great work out uniform
Ever wanted to be Rocky running up the steps of Philadelphia’s museum of art? With a grey hoodie, anyone can! The benefits of wearing heavy clothes while working out are debatable but there’s no denying that nothing is better than wearing a hoodie to the gym when it’s cold outside.

12. Hoodies can be bought in bulk!
Well, almost anything can be bought in bulk these days. What we’re trying to say is that when looking for wholesale hoodies for screen printing, it’s always a good idea because then the cheaper the price per unit will be.


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13. Hoodies are movie famous
We already mentioned Rocky but how about Dustin Huffman in Marathon Man or the famous red hoodie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? When you wear a hoodie, you can be part of movie history.

14. Hoodies make you look tough
In some places, hoodies are associated with crime and street culture*. Sometimes earned, sometimes not, this reputation has made it difficult for the comfy garment to enjoy the same respect as other clothes. If you enjoy the ‘tough’ look then you don’t need to look any further.

Check out our blog post on the history of the hoodie in the UK for more information.

15. Hoodies are associated with entrepreneurs
Do you like social media? Would you like to become a self-made billionaire one day? Then wear a hoodie! We’re joking, of course, but hoodies really are associated with famous people (remember that Justin Bieber phase?) so if you would like to channel them, then why not wear one?

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